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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures

Road Trip Route. Get to know the bison, Climb the Hijtol Rocks, Visit the Ruskeala Mountain Park., To visit the Tiver Hillfort, Stroll through the Lindulowska Grove, Overcome obstacle course, Fly in the air pipe, .

If you want to relax from the bustle of the city, see the beauty of nature in the north, and if you like active recreation and extreme, this trip is for you! You will get to know and feed the bison and visit the mini farm where chickens, rabbits, sheep and goats live. Visiting Karelia, you will see picturesque rocks, where you can both walk and climb, try local cuisine, visit the most beautiful place in Karelia - mountain park "Ruskeala", where you can enjoy picturesque views and actively relax - fly a rope over the lake, make a rope jump from 20 meters high. You'll also visit one of the largest underground museums of Northern Europe, where you'll learn the history of Lahdenpoh district, the Soviet-Finnish wars, learn about the geology of Karelia and see a collection of minerals. Try your hand at the obstacle course in the rope park, feel the free fall in the air pipe and get some unspeakable emotions! An exciting and intense journey awaits you! Be sure to take with you comfortable clothes and shoes! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Active Leisure. From: Saint Petersburg

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Acquaintance with the bison, the Hijtolian rocks.

The journey will begin with the Zubrovnik Park, where you will see bison and other animals, then visit the rocks, where you can walk or climb. After that we will go to Sortavala and have dinner in a restaurant of Karelian cuisine.

Saint Petersburg


The first point of the trip is Zubrovnik Park, which focuses on ecotourism. The park was created in 1974 and is located in a forest area. Here you will see bison and make friends with these amazing animals, you can also feed them. There is a mini-farm where you will see chickens, goats, rabbits and sheep. You can ride a horse in the woods by appointment. More information can be found [on the website]( of the park.

Restaurant "Point on map"

Lunch will be held in a cafe with large panoramic windows and views of the lake. The menu includes Russian and Scandinavian cuisine, as well as author's dishes. Here you can taste potato pancakes with salmon tartar, wild mushroom stew, fish Ladoga dumplings with fir oil and many other interesting dishes!

Hijtolian rocks

In the afternoon we will visit the picturesque place - Hijtol Rocks. We will take a walk, get some fresh air, enjoy the views upstairs. By the way, you can also climb on foot, and those who have climbing skills can try climbing the cliffs.

Restoran "Gustav Vinter"

For dinner we go to a lakeside restaurant decorated in Scandinavian style. There is a fireplace in the restaurant hall, wood next to it, black and white pictures hang on the walls, all this creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness. Here you will taste dishes of Karelian cuisine: kalitki, pike-perch baked on a pan with potatoes and spinach, Karelian soup on cream, Valaam cheeses and other delicacies. The restaurant accepts guests only by preliminary request. You can find contacts at [website](


After dinner we take a walk in the central square of Sortavala. Let's breathe in the fresh air and tune in to the new day.

Day 2: Active recreation in Ruskeala Park, Mount Filina

The second day will begin with a visit to one of the main attractions of Karelia - the mountain park "Ruskeala", where we will walk around the territory, enjoy the incredible scenery, make a rope jump from 20 meters high, then visit the Mountains of Filina - Geological and Military History Museum and spend the night in Priozersk.

Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»

The day begins with breakfast in a cafe with panoramic windows. For breakfast you can have porridge, scrambled eggs, pastries, pancakes and drink a cup of coffee or tea.

Gornyy Park Ruskeala

Ruskeala Mountain Park is the most beautiful and amazing place in Karelia. The main attraction of the park is Marble Canyon. The canyon is a transparent turquoise lake surrounded by marble rocks. Another place is the Italian quarry. Since the works here used to be managed by Italian specialists, the quarry received just such a name. Now you can see very beautiful marble spits. In the park you can also actively relax: fly on a rope over the lake, to make an extreme jump on a rope from a height of 20 meters. All details about the activities of the park can be found [on the official website](


After a busy walk we'll have lunch in a cafe. The menu includes dishes of Russian and Karelian cuisine: salads, soups, various side dishes, meat and fish dishes, wickets, pancakes. Let's have a rest and gain strength!

Gora Filina

We visit the geological and military history museum. The museum itself is located in a bunker, and it is one of the largest underground museums in Northern Europe. Here you will learn the history of Lahdenpohja district, a lot of interesting things about the Soviet-Finnish wars, and see the collection of minerals of Karelia. You will also learn about gold mining in Karelia, pearl mining and a lot of other interesting information. There is also a park of military equipment, wooden sculptures and a military sports camp, where, among other things, you can shoot at the shooting range.

Restaurant "Point on map"

It's time to have dinner and rest after the trip. The menu offers Russian and Scandinavian cuisine. A pleasant atmosphere and polite staff will brighten up your evening!

Central Park

After dinner we go to the park. There's nothing better than a stroll through the alleys of the city before going to bed, sitting by the fountain and looking at the local sculptures.

Day 3: Tiver fortified settlement, rope park, beach and city park

The third day will begin with a visit to the ancient fortress - Tiver fortress, then a visit to the rope park, and after a trip to one of the northern resorts of Russia - Zelenogorsk.

Ancient settlement Tiversk (Tiurinlinna)

We start the day with a visit to the ruins of the Tiversk town of the XIII-XV centuries, where the Karelians and Novgorodians lived. On the territory you can see the remains of the fortress, sacrificial stones, there is a stand where you can learn the history of the settlement, go down to the river and enjoy the views.


It's time to have fun, overcome all fears and pass the obstacle course at the rope park. The park has 6 different from simple to the most complex and high trails over 2 km long: children's, family, Quick Jump trail, ending with a jump from 15 meters high, Zip line trail. Attention! Monday is the day off. For pre-registration you can contact [the official website](

Villa Verde

After a rich rest in the first half of the day we will go to the restaurant for lunch. The menu includes European and Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant itself is very beautiful and located on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.

Zolotoy Beach

Then we go to the beach. We rest, breathe fresh air and enjoy the scenery of the bay.

Park Mar'ina Gora

Mariina Gora Park is a place that will definitely appeal to lovers of unusual natural locations. Walking among the mighty pines, it is not easy to imagine that a century and a half ago there was a bizarre and fairy-tale castle-like villa "Mariiki", which belonged to a noblewoman, actress and poet Maria Krestovskaya. However, a little farther into the woods you can easily find the remains of the former luxury, the winding staircase leading to nowhere and the moss-covered ruins of the temple. The silence and forest air are relaxing and soothing. Here you can not only take extremely atmospheric photos, but also indulge in philosophical meditations for a while.

"Spruce" Restaurant

Dinner will be held in a restaurant with a picturesque view of the Gulf of Finland. The menu includes European cuisine. Large selection of cold and hot appetizers, meat and fish dishes, various salads and side dishes, pizza cooked in a real Italian wood-fired oven. Polite staff and homely atmosphere!

Day 4: Recreation in nature, museum, unusual sculpture, air pipe.

The last day of the trip will begin with a walk in the botanical sanctuary - Lyndulovskaya Grove, then a visit to the museum of retro cars, an unusual sculpture - Tree of happiness, a flight in the air pipe and a walk along the eco-trail. The trip ends with a dinner in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Природный заказник «Линдуловская роща»

Today we will also visit the state natural botanical reserve. In the grove there are larches of different species, there is a river, paths. We will take a walk, breathe in the healing air, charge with the energy of nature and take beautiful pictures!

Музей ретро автомобилей

Let's go to a small museum of retro cars. The museum has a collection of Soviet and foreign-made cars, in addition to cars you can see a collection of bicycles and motorcycles. Attention! The day off is Monday.


Lunch will take place in the cafe. The menu includes Italian dishes: pizza, pasta, Japanese dishes: rolls, soups, sushi, and a variety of appetizers, salads, side dishes, desserts.

Happiness Tree

Let's visit an unusual sculpture. The sculpture was created in honor of the 460th anniversary of Zelenogorsk and is a tree with the face of a woodcutter and branches pointing down. Newlyweds often come here and attach a lock to the branches, and the key is thrown into the tree's mouth.

Аэротруба Butterfly

Fly in the air tube and feel the free fall! The Aerotube is powered by large fans, which give a powerful airflow of over 200 km/h. Flying in the air pipe is safe, so the flight is accessible even for children. For more information and prices, please [online]( Attention! Pre-record is required.

Eko Tropa

Fly in an aerotube and experience free-fall! The airtub is powered by large fans, which provide a powerful airflow of more than 200 km/h. Flying in the hot air tube is safe, so the flight is available even for children. Get more information, as well as know the prices you can [on the website]( Attention: Pre-registration is required.

RED.Steak & Wine

The journey ends with dinner at the RED restaurant. Steak & Wine, which is famous for its steaks. In the menu they are divided into classic, non-classical and alternative steaks. Apart from steaks, snacks, salads, hot dishes, soups and desserts are also widely represented. The wine card includes a large number of positions, which are divided into different categories. **Pay your invoice with a Mastercard premium card with 10% discount at RED.Steak & Wine. To get the discount, inform the staff about your card type before payment. ** **[Complete Promotion Rules](]**