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6 Attractions to Visit

Day 1

296 km

Acquaintance with the bison, the Hijtolian rocks.

The journey will begin with the Zubrovnik Park, where you will see bison and other animals, then visit the rocks, where you can walk or climb. After that we will go to Sortavala and have dinner in a restaurant of Karelian cuisine.

Day Itinerary


Saint Petersburg

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41.6 km50 min
10:002 h


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The first point of the trip is Zubrovnik Park, which focuses on ecotourism. The park was created in 1974 and is located in a forest area. Here you will see bison and make friends with these amazing animals, you can also feed them. There is a mini-farm where you will see chickens, goats, rabbits and sheep.
You can ride a horse in the woods by appointment.
More information can be found on the website of the park.

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