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Day 487 km318 m

Recreation in nature, museum, unusual sculpture, air pipe.

The last day of the trip will begin with a walk in the botanical sanctuary - Lyndulovskaya Grove, then a visit to the museum of retro cars, an unusual sculpture - Tree of happiness, a flight in the air pipe and a walk along the eco-trail. The trip ends with a dinner in a restaurant in St. Petersburg.

Day Itinerary

18 km25 min
Природный заказник «Линдуловская роща»
10:002 h 30 min

Природный заказник «Линдуловская роща»

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Today we will also visit the state natural botanical reserve. In the grove there are larches of different species, there is a river, paths.
We will take a walk, breathe in the healing air, charge with the energy of nature and take beautiful pictures!
17.6 km25 min
Музей ретро автомобилей
13:001 h

Музей ретро автомобилей

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Let's go to a small museum of retro cars. The museum has a collection of Soviet and foreign-made cars, in addition to cars you can see a collection of bicycles and motorcycles.
Attention! The day off is Monday.

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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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