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Day 2203 km

Active recreation in Ruskeala Park, Mount Filina

The second day will begin with a visit to one of the main attractions of Karelia - the mountain park "Ruskeala", where we will walk around the territory, enjoy the incredible scenery, make a rope jump from 20 meters high, then visit the Mountains of Filina - Geological and Military History Museum and spend the night in Priozersk.

Day Itinerary

16.1 km20 min
Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»
09:201 h

Кафе-бистро «Точка на карте»

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The day begins with breakfast in a cafe with panoramic windows. For breakfast you can have porridge, scrambled eggs, pastries, pancakes and drink a cup of coffee or tea.
16.8 km20 min
Gornyy Park Ruskeala
10:402 h 30 min

Gornyy Park Ruskeala

Open Details
Ruskeala Mountain Park is the most beautiful and amazing place in Karelia. The main attraction of the park is Marble Canyon. The canyon is a transparent turquoise lake surrounded by marble rocks. Another place is the Italian quarry. Since the works here used to be managed by Italian specialists, the quarry received just such a name. Now you can see very beautiful marble spits.
In the park you can also actively relax: fly on a rope over the lake, to make an extreme jump on a rope from a height of 20 meters.
All details about the activities of the park can be found on the official website.

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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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