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Route Overview
Day 3192 km

Tiver fortified settlement, rope park, beach and city park

The third day will begin with a visit to the ancient fortress - Tiver fortress, then a visit to the rope park, and after a trip to one of the northern resorts of Russia - Zelenogorsk.

Day Itinerary

45.3 km50 min
Ancient settlement Tiversk (Tiurinlinna)
09:001 h

Ancient settlement Tiversk (Tiurinlinna)

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We start the day with a visit to the ruins of the Tiversk town of the XIII-XV centuries, where the Karelians and Novgorodians lived. On the territory you can see the remains of the fortress, sacrificial stones, there is a stand where you can learn the history of the settlement, go down to the river and enjoy the views.
98.4 km1 h 20 min
11:302 h


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It's time to have fun, overcome all fears and pass the obstacle course at the rope park. The park has 6 different from simple to the most complex and high trails over 2 km long: children's, family, Quick Jump trail, ending with a jump from 15 meters high, Zip line trail.
Attention! Monday is the day off. For pre-registration you can contact the official website.

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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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Shades of northern nature and unforgettable adventures
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