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Day 221 km1 km

Tula Museums and Attractions

Today will be dedicated to getting to know Tula, the city of craftsmen. At the Harmonica Museum we will have an unusual musical tour. At the Gingerbread House we will try with our own hands to create a printed gingerbread. During the walk through the Kremlin we will learn the history of the city. We'll visit the oldest street of the city and the Historical Museum. And in the evening we'll meet in a modern fashionable art space.

Day Itinerary

2.2 km10 min
Tul'skiy Muzey Garmoni Deda Filimona
10:001 h

Tul'skiy Muzey Garmoni Deda Filimona

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The day will begin with a visit to a rather unusual museum. Harmony is one of the symbols of Tula. And every instrument that you see has its own unique history. You will get the most impressions if you order a musical tour in advance ( The museum isn't open on Mondays.
1 km5 min
11:151 h 30 min


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A small cozy gingerbread house in the Tula Kremlin - at the same time a souvenir shop, a pastry shop and a museum. Here you can learn about the history of the gingerbread industry. To make a printed gingerbread with your own hands, you should make an appointment for an interactive tour by phone: +7(930) 791-44-42.

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