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Winter adventures in Tula and on the way there and back

Winter adventures in Tula and on the way there and back
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Active Leisure🎅 Winter Trips
In Tula region there are many interesting and unusual places for winter adventures. Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, ecopark "Clear Field" with a bath and ski complex "Kvan" are waiting for you in this trip. It would be equally interesting to learn more about traditional crafts. We will visit the Museum of Samovars and Boulevards and create a printed gingerbread with our own hands.
Lina Solo
Lina Solo
Travel Expert
  • Snowboarding or alpine skiing.
  • To see the bison in the only reserve near Moscow.
  • Stroll through the beautiful winter Tula.
  • Ice skating and hill riding, steaming in a sauna.
  • To visit the Etnoworld.
  • Take part in dog sledding.
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Bison watching and ice skating
Day 1291 km

Bison watching and ice skating

In the morning we will visit the monastery that is more than 500 years old. Then in Prioksko-Terrasny Nature Reserve we will walk the "Bison Trail" and we will be able to observe the majestic creatures in the wild. In the afternoon we'll visit the ecopark "Yasno Pole". Here you can spend your time actively: go skating, go down the slide, rent skis, take a steam bath. In the evening we'll come to Tula and admire the evening city. Автор фото: Бурдов Михаил@Wikipedia Commons
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Tula Museums and Attractions
Day 221 km1 km

Tula Museums and Attractions

Today will be dedicated to getting to know Tula, the city of craftsmen. At the Harmonica Museum we will have an unusual musical tour. At the Gingerbread House we will try with our own hands to create a printed gingerbread. During the walk through the Kremlin we will learn the history of the city. We'll visit the oldest street of the city and the Historical Museum. And in the evening we'll meet in a modern fashionable art space.
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Husky rides and a 19th century railway station
Day 389 km

Husky rides and a 19th century railway station

Today we will visit the railway station, which has preserved the atmosphere of the beginning of the XIX century. Then we will stop by the Museum of samovars and bullocks, we will see the biggest collection of samovars. We will visit the ecotourism space, where we can ride dog sleds or rent a snowmobile. In the evening, we'll see the exposition of the Museum of Arms. Photo by: Alexander Roumega@Wikipedia Commons
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Skiing and visiting an ethnographic park
Day 4349 km

Skiing and visiting an ethnographic park

Today we are going to visit the ski resort "Kvan". Here you can go skiing, snowboarding or have a good time in the spa centre. In the afternoon Ethnomir - ethnographic park, where traditions and cultures of different peoples are presented, awaits us. Автор фото: techred@Wikipedia Commons
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