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Day 389 km

Husky rides and a 19th century railway station

Today we will visit the railway station, which has preserved the atmosphere of the beginning of the XIX century.
Then we will stop by the Museum of samovars and bullocks, we will see the biggest collection of samovars. We will visit the ecotourism space, where we can ride dog sleds or rent a snowmobile.
In the evening, we'll see the exposition of the Museum of Arms.
Photo by: Alexander Roumega@Wikipedia Commons

Day Itinerary

15.3 km40 min
Kozlova Zaseka, Muzeyno-Vokzal'nyy Kompleks
10:001 h 30 min

Kozlova Zaseka, Muzeyno-Vokzal'nyy Kompleks

Open Details
The railway station closest to "Yasnaya Polyana". The atmosphere of the late XIX century has been preserved here. Leo Tolstoy and his family came here to meet guests and receive or send letters. At the beginning of the XX century the station was renamed "Yasnaya Polyana", and in 2001 it received the historical name "Kozlov Zasek". The station is operational, there are trains passing through here several times a day. Excursions are conducted (information about excursions can be found on site). Monday's a day off. The last Wednesday of the month is a health day.
15.3 km25 min
Museum of samovars and bouillon
12:051 h

Museum of samovars and bouillon

Open Details
A small cozy museum with the largest private collection of samovars in Russia. Here you can take part in master-classes on toy painting and baking gingerbread. You can arrange a costume photo shoot or take part in a historical quest. For excursion, master classes and quest it is necessary to be registered in advance by phone: + 7 (4872) 50-50-50. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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