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Day 2203 km76 km

The Don Cossacks. Along the Places of the Novel "The Quiet Don"

The day begins with a visit to an old mill and a cinema. After that you'll be able to see where writer Mikhail Sholokhov studied and walk along the places of the novel "The Quiet Don". You'll learn where the ancient boulder is and admire picturesque views of the Khopyor.

Day Itinerary

40.9 km40 min
Prikhodskoye Uchilishche. Muzey Sholokhova
10:001 h

Prikhodskoye Uchilishche. Muzey Sholokhova

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Not far from the mill there is a school where the young Sholokhov studied the Law of God, the Church Slavonic language, the Russian language (reading, writing, grammar), arithmetic.
The desk, at which he used to study, is preserved in the Museum. The atmosphere in the classroom has been reconstructed according to memories of the writer's classmates and old residents of the village. Other halls have an exhibition entitled People's Education on the Don.
A list of tours and ticket prices can be found at website.
19.3 km20 min
Kazach'ye Podvor'ye
11:201 h 30 min

Kazach'ye Podvor'ye

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M.A. Sholokhov's parent estate, the Cossack Homestead of the late 19th - early 20th centuries, the monument "The Cossacks of the Quiet Don". It is a reconstruction, giving a vivid idea of the Don Cossacks' way of life, described in the novel "The Quiet Don".
If you wish, you can feed poultry, milk a cow, drown a stove, and after the daily routine of the Cossacks you can taste homemade treats: cholodets, eggs on lard, puffs with honey, the famous Don "vzvar".
You can find out the cost of tickets by visiting the official museum website.

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