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The Don Cossacks: A Journey to the Places of the Novel "And quiet flows the Don"

The Don Cossacks: A Journey to the Places of the Novel "And quiet flows the Don"
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3 Days


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781 km






History and CultureSights in NatureRelaxation
In this route you can see the endless expanses of the valleys of the majestic rivers. Acquaintance with the history of the Don Cossacks, travel through stanitsas.
You'll visit the birthplace of the great Russian writer Mikhail Sholokhov, and walk through the iconic places from the novel "The Quiet Don". Monumental sculptures are waiting for you on the high hills, and local Cossack cuisine is waiting for you in cozy cafes.
Route features:
  • Picturesque landscapes to rest your soul;
  • Immersion in the life of the Don Cossacks;
  • Walking on the places of the legendary novel.

  • Wear comfortable clothes for walking and stable shoes (sneakers, boots).
  • If you're traveling in the summer, don't forget sunscreen and a hat.
  • Don't forget a raincoat too, so that you don't get caught unawares in bad weather.
  • For museums and cafes you may need masks and gloves.
Наталья  Чибисова
Наталья Чибисова
Travel Expert
  • To find your place of power.
  • To get acquainted with the life of the Don Cossacks.
  • To visit the small motherland of Mikhail Sholokhov.
  • Walk along the places from the novel "The Quiet Don".
  • Enjoy the views of mighty rivers.
  • See the most ancient boulder.

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Travel Itinerary

Connecting fronts and seas
Day 1362 km

Connecting fronts and seas

Today the city of military glory is waiting for you. The program includes acquaintance with the symbol of the city and its history, a walk along the embankment and old merchant houses.
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The Don Cossacks. Along the Places of the Novel "The Quiet Don"
Day 2203 km76 km

The Don Cossacks. Along the Places of the Novel "The Quiet Don"

The day begins with a visit to an old mill and a cinema. After that you'll be able to see where writer Mikhail Sholokhov studied and walk along the places of the novel "The Quiet Don". You'll learn where the ancient boulder is and admire picturesque views of the Khopyor.
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Genre sculpture Frolovo
Day 3216 km713 m

Genre sculpture Frolovo

Today on the program is a walking tour through the streets of the city. And on the way to Volgograd - a beautiful abandoned bell tower.
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