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From St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod

From St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


3 Days


By Car


632 km






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An informative trip from St. Petersburg to Veliky Novgorod. On the way you will visit a little-known but very interesting museum of the history of forestry and the house-museum of N.A. Nekrasov. In Veliky Novgorod you'll see Ryurik Settlement and plunge into the history of the region in Novgorod museum-reserve. The trip will be fascinating both for adults and children.
Anastasia Baklanova
Anastasia Baklanova
  • N.A. Nekrasov House Museum.
  • Ryurik Settlement.
  • Vitoslavlitsy.
  • Novgorod Museum-Reserve.
  • The Manor of N.K.Roerich.
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Travel Itinerary

St. Petersburg - Chudovo - Veliky Novgorod
Day 1271 km

St. Petersburg - Chudovo - Veliky Novgorod

Take a trip to Veliky Novgorod! Visit the Museum of Forestry History, which was established on the basis of Lisinskiy forestry college. By the way, in the XIX century Russian Emperor Alexander II liked to visit Lisinsk hunting grounds. You will also visit the estate of N.A. Nekrasov, where he spent time away from the city in summer and autumn.
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Novgorod Museum-Reserve
Day 242 km30 m

Novgorod Museum-Reserve

Today you will visit the architectural and ethnographic museum, which is located near the St. George's Monastery, and get acquainted with the traditional folk culture. After that - a walk through the historical center of Veliky Novgorod.
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N.K. Roerich Manor Museum and Memorial House-Museum of Isaac Schwartz
Day 3318 km

N.K. Roerich Manor Museum and Memorial House-Museum of Isaac Schwartz

Today we invite you to visit a non-trivial museum in Veliky Novgorod - V.I. Povetkin Centre of Musical Antiquities. On your way to St. Petersburg you will stop by to visit the famous artist Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerich.
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