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Day 317 km1 km

The Bridge

Hello you! How was your night? It is time for the last day of the tour. This morning you will spend some hours in Arnhem and drive to Oosterbeek, where you can find several monuments and a cool museum in the midst of a nice park.

Day Itinerary

1.9 km10 min
John Frost Bridge
10:151 h 30 min

John Frost Bridge

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Maybe you have heard of the phrase ‘a bridge too far’. This is the actual bridge, the John Frost bridge. This is the place that couldn’t be conquered and therefore its famous. Or is it because in the 7o's a movie was made about the battle on the bridge starring Sean Connory? Watch the trailer here The John Frost Bridge is a place of pilgrimage for many veterans. Every year in September a big national concert is held here in remembrance of operation Market Garden. Near the John Frost bridge, you can find a war museum. If you want you can go in, you can also choose the other museum you will find in the next town.
7 km15 min
Restaurant Klein Hartenstein
12:151 h

Restaurant Klein Hartenstein

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Grab some lunch here. It's a good starting point for a little walk in the park. Walk out of the restaurant and stay on the left side of the road. Here you will find a few different monuments that are all related to WWII. You can also find a war museum here.

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