Wonders on the Gulf Coast – Day 6: Walks on the beaches

Today is the last full day of our trip. There are quite a lot of plans for it, we will drive along the coast back to Dubai, and then relax on the sandy beach.
Wonders on the Gulf Coast

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Gulf Pastry فطائر الخليج

Bakeries, Restaurants

Gulf Pastry is a small but cozy bakery located in the heart of the city. It employs a very competent and positive staff. As in any other institution of this type, the menu offers a fairly large selection of baked goods, desserts and traditional breakfast dishes.

Corniche (الكورنيش)


Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi is on the Gulf coast. Of course, even within the city limits there are quite a few different beaches, among which it is difficult to single out any one unique, all very picturesque, clean, everywhere there are all the necessary conditions for recreation. So, Corniche beach is one of the many places for a quality beach holiday.

Emirates Park Zoo


Any major city in the United Arab Emirates is distinguished by its grandiose zoo, and of course Abu Dhabi is no exception. The most popular and largest zoo here is Emirates Park Zoo, where visitors will have the opportunity to pet a donkey or turtle, as well as look into the mouth of a hippopotamus. A visit for three people costs only Dhs 100, which is quite affordable even for a budget traveler.

White Orchid Restaurant & Lounge

Asian Restaurants, Thai Restaurants, Cocktail Bars

Among the great culinary diversity of Dubai and its surrounding areas, Asian cuisine should not be ignored. In restaurants such as the White Orchid Restaurant & Lounge all the canons of this culinary direction are carefully observed: the staff is courteous and courteous, inside there is an atmosphere of calm and coziness. The menu abounds in various exotic delicacies as well as dishes quite familiar to Europeans.

Royal Beach


In Dubai, as in any large tourist center there are quite a number of different beaches, each of which boasts a good infrastructure and cleanliness, but the beach Royal Beach is distinguished by its incredible views, because it is located on an artificially shaped island in the form of palm trees, which offers a wonderful view of the urban architecture and the bay.

Texas De Brazil

Brazilian Restaurants, Steakhouses, Buffets

After a long stay on the beach, there is nothing better than to take a little break somewhere cozy. The restaurant of Brazilian cuisine Texas De Brazil is perfect for this. In the evenings there is a lot of people here, but the energy of hospitality and positivity does not fade away. The menu also includes traditional grilled meat delicacies. Particularly worth highlighting are lamb ribs, as well as chicken breasts in bacon.