Wonders on the Gulf Coast – Day 2: Dubai Water Parks

Dubai's amusement parks leave an incredible amount of experiences. Their main and most pleasant feature is the variety of attractions and other entertainment: there are extreme slides over a hundred meters long, and quiet pools with light currents, in general, everyone can find something for themselves.
Wonders on the Gulf Coast

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Parlour Boutique

French Restaurants, Bistros, Bakeries

Modern Dubai is not just a tourist center, it is a place where different cultures, including culinary ones, merge. French cuisine is very widely represented here, one of its brightest representatives is Parlour Boutique restaurant. Facility's interior is made in modern quiet style, and its menu includes such famous dishes as onion soup, salmon, grilled with onions, peppers and tomatoes, as well as lamb chops with mustard and rosemary.

Wild Wadi Water Park

Water Parks

Almost every major city in the United Arab Emirates boasts fairly large amusement parks, of which Dubai is the most notable. One of the main water parks is Wild Wadi Water Park. There is a huge variety of slides and water attractions for children and adults. Of course, a special impression is made by an incredible artificial waterfall, as well as water slides, which in some cases are about 120 meters long.

The Dubai Mall (دبي مول)

Shopping Malls

The UAE is not only a great place for active recreation on the beaches or in the desert, it is also a center of world shopping tourism. Prices for most products here may be even lower than in producing countries. This is explained by the favorable tax policy in the country, namely, there is no VAT, and VAT is 5%. Although, of course, some distributors may overestimate the markup, prices here are on average 20% lower than in Russia.

Grand Cafe Boulevard (قراند كافيه بوليڤارد)

Middle Eastern Restaurants

The cuisine of the Middle East has a number of features. Of course, there is not one such restaurant where you can fully appreciate all its specifics. Different restaurants differ in their approach to many even the canonical rules of cooking. In particular, the Grand Cafe Boulevard pays special attention to meat dishes. Here you should try Kebbe Halabieh - a delicacy made of fresh minced meat mixed with burgula, chili paste, nuts and a number of different spices.

Laguna Waterpark

Water Parks

Laguna Waterpark is one of the largest and most popular water parks in Dubai. There are many different slides, attractions, swimming pools and cafes. The surf spots are especially popular, as well as the attraction "Free Falling". In addition, the park has special booths for relaxation, where you can lie down, hiding from the scorching sun and the noisy crowd.

Slider Station (سلايدر ستيشن)

American Restaurants

Among the huge variety of restaurants in Dubai, representing different culinary trends, you can find cuisine to suit every taste. Among others, it is also worth paying attention to American cuisine, in particular, Slider Station restaurant. The atmosphere is very, very hospitable and the menu offers a wide choice of all favourite burgers, sandwiches, fried meat and potatoes.