Climb the biggest shoe in the world. Hang out next to a former barn in a trendy art space.. Go down to the dungeon and have candlelight dinner at the grotto.. Feed the bison. To be in Ancient China without foreign passports and visas. See the oldest aqueduct in Russia. Wander the pagan treasure trove. Try not to litter at the Trash Museum.. .

Unusual sights south of Moscow: quarries, Slavic temples, ancient Chinese city

The soul demands adventure, and the eyes are curious. You don't have to fly to the edge of the world: there are so many curious places around Moscow that you just marvel! The trip will be varied - take worse clothes (spoiler: there will be a trip to the abandoned quarries) and better clothes (for elegant restaurants). Most of the attractions are available all year round, but the brightest emotions you will experience if you go on a trip in the warm season.

Unusual sights south of Moscow: quarries, Slavic temples, ancient Chinese city

3 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Arts and Creativity, Active Leisure, Unobvious locations - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity, Active Leisure, Unobvious locations

Day 1: The biggest shoe, a bison house and fun on an abandoned farm.

On the first day we will visit several curious places near Moscow: the creative park "Space of Love" in Domodedovo, a bison nursery and an art space on the site of an abandoned farm. We will have dinner and spend the night in Tula.
Visiting: Tula, Nechayevskiye Vyselki, Vostryakovo, Moscow, Pan'kino, Danki

Day 2: Mysterious quarries and a corner of China in Tula region

Tula is generous with sights, samovars and gingerbread. But we've seen and tried it all before. It's time for an alternative adventure: go to the abandoned quarries! Guryevskie caves (or Byaki) are abandoned adits of XV-XVI centuries, where limestone used to be mined. Get ready to spend 4-6 hours underground: the tunnels have no end and no edge. When we get to the surface, we change our clothes and meet the Celestial Empire in the complex "Golden City" with beautiful pagodas, lanterns and openwork bridges. In the evening we will return to Tula for a delicious dinner at the Ginza Project restaurant and sleep after a busy day.
Visiting: Tula, Makhrinskiye Vyselki, Nizhneye Petrovo

Day 3: Tula mountains, Kaluga aqueducts, pagan temples and garbage museum

On the third day you will have time to visit the Tula "mountains", see the oldest viaduct in Russia and a pagan temple. The cherry on the cake is a museum of garbage, the only and unique. To get up early, you'll have to get up early - I recommend leaving Tula at 8 am.
Visiting: Tula, Moscow, Kaluga, Krasotynka, Krasnaya Pahra, Platovo, Ist'ya, Kvan'