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Margherita Barbieri
Margherita Barbieri
Travel Expert

Where I've been

  • Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

  • Cadiz

  • Almeria

  • Barcelona

  • Madrid

  • Malaga

  • Bilbao

  • Berlin

  • Prague

  • London

  • Manchester

  • Liverpool

  • Edinburgh

  • Dublin

  • Belfast

  • Brussels

  • Amsterdam

  • Warsaw

  • Athens

  • Heraklion

  • Antalya

  • Ibiza

  • Koh Samui

  • Brisbane

  • Buenos Aires

About me

I travel: since 1990 between emotions, since 2007 between countries, since 2020 within myself.
The fascinating experience of bilateral exchange in Buenos Aires confirmed my lifelong desire to make the international context my daily environment.
After travelling around Europe for a few years, I followed my growing thirst for discovery that brought me to start backpacking, making travelling my way of life.
I then moved from Europe to Thailand where I opened a co-living where young professionals could share and exchange their skills.
Today I am living in the Canary Islands where I teach Yoga and I write about travelling and personal development.

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