To see more than 10 historical Buddhist temples and a huge statue of the Big Buddha.. See two famous and elite geisha neighborhoods in Kyoto.. Feed the deer in Nara. :). Get into one of the most popular theme parks Universal.. Try the exquisite Vagyu beef in Kobe.. .

The immense world of Japan

Tired of Europe or no longer inspired by beach travel? So you've got the right scenario where I'm going to show you an absolute friend a picture of the world - the world of Japan. To be more precise, I have 5 cities of this island state - Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and Kobe - waiting for you on my journey. Get inspired by the serene beauty of nature along with Buddhist temples, discover Japan's rich history through historical museums and enjoy the beauty and elegance of a real geisha! There's still a lot of stuff waiting for you in my script. You're gonna love this.) Even better, you'll be able to see Japan from all over the place, exploring the country by car. Convenience, comfort, sluggishness - the main postulates of a car trip.

The immense world of Japan

8 days itinerary by Viktoria Afanaseva - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture, Active Leisure - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture, Active Leisure

Day 1: Welcome to Tokyo :)

Well, you flew to Tokyo. Start your journey by visiting one of the coolest Japanese restaurants, which is already in the script. And don't forget to walk around Tokyo!
Visiting: Tokyo, Osaka

Day 2: From Tokyo to Osaka

We have a long way to go from the capital of Japan to Osaka! That's why we've prepared some of the best places for you to stay on the road. Magnificent landscapes, exquisite Japanese cuisine, hot springs and parks will meet you and leave unforgettable feelings and emotions! It's a great opportunity to see other Japanese cities along the route and then tell your friends about how you've been rounding huge Japan ;)
Visiting: Yokkaichi, Naka-gun, Shizuoka, Kariya, Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka

Day 3: Osaka is the historic trade capital of Japan.

Our starting point is Osaka City. A port and commercial city with modern architecture and many nightlife facilities, but at the same time with a rich cultural heritage. Tonight, you're going to plunge into this atmosphere completely.)
Visiting: Sakai, Osaka

Day 4: Day two in Osaka

Well, it's time to look at Osaka from the entertainment side! Today you'll visit the famous Universal Park, walk down Dotonboree Street and see the American neighborhood of Americamura.
Visiting: Osaka

Day 5: And now Kyoto.

How can a trip be without this amazing city? Kyoto is the former capital of Japan on Honshu Island and is known for its numerous Buddhist temples, shrines, imperial residences, gardens and parks. Today, you will experience the atmosphere of Kyoto and the famous sights with a great history and magical legends.
Visiting: Kyoto, Osaka

Day 6: Museums and geisha neighborhoods in Kyoto

On this day you will have a rest from Buddhist temples (there will be only two of them) and plunge into the art of Kyoto - national museums. And you are also waiting for two of the most elite and secular blocks of geisha, which must go through each!
Visiting: Kyoto, Osaka

Day 7: The deer in Nara and the ending in Kobe

You'll be in two cities today, Nara and Kobe. In Nara you will find wonderful deer, as well as a meeting with the Big Buddha, and in Kobe you will taste the most delicious beef of the kobe.
Visiting: Kobe, Nara-shi, Kyoto, Osaka

Day 8: And again, Osaka.

From Kobe back to Osaka. That's where the journey ends. In the rest of the time you can walk around the city, and then - the flight!
Visiting: Osaka, Kobe