Sea, Sun, Olbia – Day 1: Introduction to Olbia

On the first day of the trip, you're about to visit the most significant squares of the city, which are the most important symbols standing for its rich history in many ways. Admire the authentic and clean narrow streets, quiet squares and great fountains of magnificent Olbia, and enjoy the culinary traditions of the exciting region.
Sea, Sun, Olbia

Trip duration: 5 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

La Locanda Del Conte Mameli

Hyundai i10

Anticas Licanzias

Food Courts

There is no better place than Anticas Licanzias to start exploring great Italian cuisine. Here you will find a cosy and welcoming atmosphere, created by a polite, tactful and very professional staff. You can dine either in the comfortable interior of the restaurant, or in the fresh air, while admiring the well-kept city streets with small and neat houses. Enjoy the best dishes of Sardinia cuisine, including carpaccio with bottarga and chili, or an excellent roasted pig cooked on a spit and seasoned with fresh myrtle leaves.

Piazza Regina Margherita


Piazza Regina Margherita is the central square and one of the most beautiful places in the city. Covered with marble slabs and colored mosaic, it looks the most beautiful in the evening, when all the tourists return from the beaches and fill cafes and shops located along the perimeter. In the centre is a wonderful fountain, which is highlighted in a special way in the evening.

Piazza Matteotti


Piazza Matteotti is a small but very beautiful square, with wonderful authentic buildings around. A fountain in the centre of the square, topped with stylised human figures, immediately catches your attention. This place is ideal to buy a soft drink on a hot summer day and, sitting in the shade, rejuvenate, admiring the charming buildings of the old town.