Road Trip Around Iceland – Day 6: Fjords and Gufufoss Waterfall

After visiting a garden with very strange looking stones you will have an opportunity to see the fjords of the east of Iceland. In the second part of the day, you will see one more waterfall, probably the most beautiful one.
Road Trip Around Iceland

Trip duration: 11 days

Kirill Khomko

Stone Garden

Sculpture Gardens

No comments. Surreal place. Just in time to rest from driving and take a walk.


Nature Preserves

If you are already hungry, go for the lunch first and then come back here to walk and enjoy the views of the fjord. There is a small footpath that you can follow from the parking lot. It's not far. Do it and have an amazing view over the Fjord.

Blabjorg Guesthouse

Randulff's Sea-House

Seafood Restaurants

Authentic lunch at its best! It is advised to try goose or deer meat.



On your way to the hotel make a stop at this waterfall.



You can dine here or at the guesthouse. According to one of the visitors – it's an amazing find in a small village of 130 inhabitants.