Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah – Day 2: White Rim Trail

We will drive along one of the most famous roads in the wilderness - White Rim Trail. Moving along the route, and sometimes coming down from it, you will see amazing rocks and canyons.
Rampant Nature and Martian Landscapes of Utah

Trip duration: 4 days

Jonathan May

Village Market

Grocery Stores

The whole day will be held in nature, so it is worth to stock up on food and water in advance – take more water, the trip will be on a rather deserted area.

Dead Horse Point State Park

State / Provincial Parks, Scenic Lookouts, Trails

The park is famous for its picturesque views of the Colorado Valley and canyons. At 2,000 feet above the river, there is an observation deck from which you can enjoy stunning panoramic views of the surroundings.

Airport Tower

Canyonlands Park attracts travellers with its unusual landscapes, formed under the influence of weathering. One of the most beautiful points of the park is the Airport Tower Rock, which is one of the park's symbols and is often depicted on postcards and guide covers. It's time for it to take its place in your photo gallery too.

Junction Butte

Junction Butte is the place where you should definitely make a stop, moving along the White Rim Trail. If you climb up the hill, you can see both rivers flowing in the park – Green River and Colorado.

Monitor and Merrimac View Point

Scenic Lookouts

The White Rim Road trip is coming to an end, and we're going back to Moab. Another beautiful observation deck with a perfect view!

The Spoke on Center

American Restaurants

The Spoke on Center is a favourite restaurant of locals with delicious food and a good choice of draught and bottled beer. The atmosphere here is quite relaxed, the interiors are quite simple but complemented by interesting details.