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Phoebe Suy
Phoebe Suy
Travel Expert

Where I've been

  • Mexico

  • France

  • Italy

  • England

  • Portugal

  • Monaco

  • Austria

  • Budapest

  • Czech Republic

  • Israel

  • Jordan

  • Egypt

  • Thailand

  • Cambodia

  • Australia

  • Fiji

About me

Hi there! 👋 My name's Phoebe, and I'm a Houston-based travel writer. My work has been featured in the Associated Press, Condé Nast Traveler, Christianity Today, Houston Chronicle, and more. If I'm not traveling or planning my next adventure, you can find me connecting with the communities and cultures in my own backyard.
One of my favorite parts of travel? Engaging in the language of a people or place. Or at least, trying to. I minored in Arabic as a journalism student, studied Spanish or four years (it's a must for all Texans!), and try to speak as much Cambodian as possible with my family.

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