For nature lovers, even in the centers of big cities . Impressive beauty along the shores of Lake Michigan . The natural diversity of this part of the country.

Nature and Culture: from Chicago to Minneapolis

Our fascinating route will pass through three states - Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota. We will enjoy the unique nature and culture of these places, try to feel the spirit of the people living here. The scenario begins in the city of Chicago, whose modern appearance cannot be imagined without huge skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, but we will try to appreciate local natural wonders, because the city and its surroundings are really rich in various scenic spots. Further, we will continue our tourist pilgrimage along the unique and immense Lake of Michigan, famous for its picturesque shores, clean sandy beaches, emerald hills and excellent infrastructure. The final destination will be the city of Minneapolis, which is also known as the "City of Lakes". Indeed, within the boundaries of Minneapolis, there are many picturesque lakes with bicycle paths and nature walks. Also, a considerable part of the city sights are museums and theaters, so that any traveler can find something to the taste here.

Nature and Culture: from Chicago to Minneapolis

7 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 6 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Trip arrangements

Upon arrival in Chicago, rent a car if you came not with your own one, and enjoy free time in the city. In the evening, visit one of the most popular and best Greek restaurants in Chicago.
Visiting: Chicago, Minneapolis

Day 2: First travel day - “City of Winds”

Today we begin our journey and move along the beautiful lake of Michigan going to interesting local restaurants. In addition, the wonderful parks and beaches of the city also deserve some attention, so we will visit them as well.
Visiting: Chicago, Evanston, Minneapolis

Day 3: Walking Along Lake Michigan

Dear friend, we leave the city of winds and continue on our route. Today we are to visit the not very big, but interesting and original city of Milwaukee. We walk along the beautiful promenade, visit wonderful museums and restaurants.
Visiting: Evanston, Milwaukee, Wilmette, South Milwaukee, Jackson, Minneapolis

Day 4: The beauty of nature near Green Bay

Our journey along the lake continues and today we drive to the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin, which is famous for its unique natural sites, beaches and parks. We also dilute our day by visiting some really cool local restaurants.
Visiting: Jackson, Mequon, Green Bay, Milwaukee, Algoma, Sturgeon Bay, Jacksonport, Manitowoc, Minneapolis

Day 5: Outdoor Activities in Wisconsin

Today is full of movings between the most beautiful parks in this part of the state.
Visiting: Manitowoc, Green Bay, Kronenwetter, Howard, Wausau, Minneapolis

Day 6: Beautiful Minneapolis and its attractions

Our journey is coming to the end, and we are in one of the largest cities in the state of Minnesota, Minneapolis. The city is full of interesting places and memorable sights, so there is a lot of fascinating things ahead.
Visiting: Wausau, Chippewa Falls, Bloomington, Minneapolis

Day 7: Farewell to Minneapolis

The culmination of our journey is the beautiful city of Minneapolis. We have already explored some of its attractions, and today we are going to end our journey in a really good place, the City Museum of Art.
Visiting: Bloomington, Minneapolis