You visit the Cote d'Azur.. Take a walk in Pine Forest.. Get to know Volkhov Park.. Try the local cuisine.. Go to the sandy beach.. Take a swim in Sand Lake.. Walk across an unusual bridge.. Visit Lake Dymskoye.. Visit the Lubun Mountain.. You're on Green Lake.. You take a lot of pictures.. Get an unforgettable experience. . . .

Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin

It's always interesting to discover new things in the nature of your native land. This is what our route offers in Volkhov and Tikhvin places. Following it you'll see the beauty of natural lakes, emerald forests, swim in clean ponds and sunbathe on sandy beaches, touch the grace of holy places and discover how rare berries and mushrooms grow. Enjoy the beauty of Ivan-Chai glades and take a piece of untold natural beauty with you.

Natural beauties around Volkhov and Tikhvin

3 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - Uninhabited Nature - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature

Day 1: Discoveries of nature in the Volkhov region

Today we start our journey by visiting the lake, wander in the pine forest, have lunch in the "Old Ladoga", walk in the pine forest and park Volkhov, admire the river and after dinner we go to bed.
Visiting: Volkhov, Syas'stroy, Kolosar', Staraya Ladoga, Centralniy

Day 2: The charm of the lake edge

Let's start the day by visiting the beach, and then prolong our lake travels, see the amazing bridge, visit the shrines of Lake Dym, try local cuisine and rest!
Visiting: Volkhov, Tikhvin, Pagolda, Bor, Astrachi, Krasnyy Bronevik

Day 3: Mountains and lakes on their way home

Today concludes our trip. We will go from Tikhvin to St. Petersburg. On the way we will visit several picturesque lakes and also take a walk up the mountains.
Visiting: Tikhvin, Centralniy, Pagolda, Tosno, Kirishi, Bol'shaya Budogoshch', Malaya Lyubun', Trubnikov Bor