Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 5: The road to Munster

Admire the wonderful views of the Ruhr Valley. When you stop in Hohensburg, look at the ruins of an ancient fortress and admire the view of Dortmund. Walk the streets of Dortmund, taste the local cuisine. Visit Nordkirchen Palace, the largest water castle, and head north again in Munster. And in Münster you'll walk down an unusual street, all in arcades on both sides.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Milia's Coffee

Cafés, Breakfast Spots

The day begins with a cozy coffee shop. The coffee here is delicious. Visitors especially recommend fresh bread, croissants. It's not just a place for breakfast, it's also a favorite meeting place. Wonderful place for tables on the street. It's good not only to have a good meal, but also to sit down, talk slowly, read.


Historic Sites

We will visit Hohensburg to admire the wonderful views of the Ruhr Valley. The tower offers a beautiful view of Dortmund. There are already ruins from the medieval castle of Siburg, but even from them you can judge the height and power of ancient fortifications! The Vinketa Tower, a monument to Kaiser Wilhelm, is a place where you can take good pictures, while at the bottom of the Ruhr your waters slowly roll.

Alter Markt


We're in Dortmund! From the top, from the mountain, we've already seen him, and now we're walking his streets, plunging into the old days. Let's start with the old market, now it's the historic city centre. The old market square has been known since the 9th century! Dortmund was a city of craftsmen and traders, they also belonged to the Hanseatic League and on this square stood the Hanseatic City Hall. Many beautiful old houses survived the reconstruction of the square, including the founder of the famous beer brand "Kronenwerk". And now there are many shops, galleries, cafes, where you will be treated to wonderful dishes of Westphalian cuisine. The old market is the center of Dortmund's Christmas fairs. On the square is an ancient fountain, which in the Middle Ages was used as a well.

Das Backhaus Grobe

Cafés, Bakeries

There are wonderful lunches, and interested travelers note the convenience of having a smoking room. The menu is pleasing, and what baguettes!!! Just a dream! According to visitors' reviews, freshly baked bread is just beautiful. But not surprisingly, there's also a bakery! Cake, pies, little desserts are above praise.

Hotel Horstmann Garni

Schloss Nordkirchen


That's where you go for a walk! A huge and beautiful park at the Nordkirchen Palace. The palace was built in the Baroque style and is located on an artificially embossed square-shaped island. Locals call it "Westphalian Versailles", but the Dutch influence was not without it. It's the biggest water castle. And the park is ideal for a quiet walk along the canals, under shady trees. And how many flowers, sculptures, located in secluded corners! Very well maintained garden in the middle of beautiful nature.



Very, very beautiful historical street in Munster. It is famous first of all for the fact that along the length of the street in buildings on 1-2 floors of the arcade. They're all different, each building has its own characteristics. But there are arches everywhere. Very beautiful and unusual. This place is one of the most popular architectural attractions in Germany. They even call it Munster's "living room". In the Middle Ages arcades were used for trade, and now there are many cafes and shops. Let's sit down, rest in Munster's living room. And then we'll remember our journey for a long time. It's a pleasure to see the old town hall, St. Lambert's church. Beauty!



Just next to Town Hall is Domplatz Square, the square around St. Paul's Cathedral in Munster. The cathedral is the most significant monument of architecture in Westphalia, the symbol of Munster. Made in a mixture of Romanesque and Gothic styles. You can go around the cathedral from 3 sides and admire its artistic delights. The perimeter of the cathedral has an open gallery and a patio. The main attraction of the cathedral is the astronomical clock. They show not only the time, but also the positions of the planets, the moon phases and the calendar! And on the top of the cathedral, at noon, the figures of the Three Magi surround in worship of the Virgin Mary and the Child. On Wednesdays and Saturdays bazaars are held on the square, while on the east side there is a convenient car park. Now the square often hosts various events and concerts. The Eurocityfest takes place on the square every year.



Well, now we can have dinner. The menu here is rich, everyone will find dishes to their liking. You can sit at the table and outdoors. You will definitely love Westphalian cuisine! It offers exquisite desserts. Everybody likes it!