Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 4: Bonn and surrounding area

Visit the ancient Münster Cathedral and walk around Bonn University's chic botanical garden. Visit the Museum of German History, take a walk in the Green Heart Park. And go north, stop at Lake Rottersee to listen to the silence. Stay in Wuppertal.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Café Orange


A small cozy cafe hospitably opens its doors to welcome visitors in the morning. Vintage tables, delicious smells, more like breakfast! According to visitors' reviews, breakfasts, first courses, wonderful coffee and a wide range of delicacies are especially good. The price/quality ratio is particularly pleasing.

Bonner Münster


Munster is the main cathedral in Bonn, majestic and picturesque. And although it is currently under reconstruction, walking around is a pleasure. It is impossible to get inside now because of the large-scale restoration, but they promise that it will end in 2020 and the building, which combines the Romanesque and Gothic styles, renewed and refreshed, will again please the eye of visitors. The cathedral was erected on the site where the Roman legionaries Cassius and Florence suffered for not oppressing Christians. Sculptor Iskander Yediler made a very peculiar monument in marble, dedicated to their feat. The monument is right there by the cathedral walls. The place is quiet, special. The Bonners love to come here. By the cathedral walls there is a picturesque bronze fountain of Martin. Don't forget to take a picture.

Botanischer Garten

Botanical Gardens

The botanical garden, located in the centre of Bonn, is the oldest in Europe and is based on the park around Poppelsdorf Castle. On 12 hectares of land thousands of plants from all over the world grow here! They're all over the place, outdoors and in greenhouses and ponds. Exotic plants feel at home here! It's a quiet, beautiful place to go for a walk. The eye rests on emerald greenery and enjoys the lush multicolour of roses. Entry is free, but if you are interested in any questions, you can take a paid themed tour. And don't doubt it will be very interesting, the garden is at Bonn University!

House of the History of the Federal Republic of Germany (Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland)

History Museums

An amazing example of the concept and rethinking of its history, created thanks to the idea of Helmut Kohl, the German History Museum is housed in a building made of glass and concrete. The museum presents the post-war period of German life. Most of the exhibits are dedicated to the everyday life of ordinary Germans, many interactive installations. Visitors are very fond of regularly updated exhibitions. In addition, seminars and conferences are often held here. It's a good, good German museum. Open all days except Monday from 9 to 7 p.m. Entrance is free.


Asian Restaurants, Caribbean Restaurants, Thai Restaurants

Lunch is at an Asian cafe. Sushi, rolls, noodles, buns, noodles are highly recommended here. Everything is delicious, fragrant and oriental. The desserts are delicious. Visitors loudly and emotionally express their delight.

Freizeitpark Rheinaue


This park, located in a very picturesque place, is called the "green heart" of Bonn. Perfect place for a family vacation in the countryside. There's a bee pavilion, a rose garden, Lake Awensee, sports and playgrounds, restaurants, pubs, gazebos. Very often there is a vernissage, where you can buy the products you like. It's good to relax in the park, admire the scenery, take pictures. Lots of attractions.

Rotter See


To the north of Bonn, there's a lovely Lake Rottersee. Such a peaceful place to listen to the silence. Nearby are several stores of fashionable accessories, leather goods. There's an island in the middle of the lake. There's a beach.



Wuppertal Town Hall Square is beautiful, neat, similar to the ancient market squares of other German cities. In front of the Town Hall there is a bronze monument "Sugar Fritz", a monument to a real sweets dealer. In his hand is a piece of sugar, which tourists work for happiness. Beautiful fountain gives coolness on a sunny day.

LoKanta Pizza Grill

Pizza Places

Soups, hors d'oeuvres, sauces - all of which will not prevent the traveler now! There's also good shish kebab, kebab, delicious pizza. You can have lunch for the glory! It's delicious and a wide variety of dishes. Prices were pleasantly surprising.