Legacy of ancient German towns – Day 2: Let's go to Cologne.

Today you will see stunning collections of contemporary art in the Museum of Art Exhibition Gallery in the Palace of Art Kunstpalast, relax and admire the beautiful park of the Palace Benrat. and drive along the picturesque banks of the Rhine. Enjoy the flora at Cologne Botanical Garden.
Legacy of ancient German towns

Trip duration: 7 days

Elizaveta Smirnova

Bazzar Caffè


We could, of course, have breakfast at the hotel. But what kind of travelers are we, then? Let's go get some new impressions. And since 8 a.m., we've had one of the best coffee in town. And what cakes they have, ginger fruit teas! Mm-hmm... This cafe is never empty. A - you're welcome here for brunch, too.

K20 Kunstsammlung NRW

Art Museums

Art collections - just terrific! Even if you are not a fan of modern art, penetrate and love! Impressive web of Thomas Saraceno, Paul Clay, Picasso, Kandinsky, Rauschenberg, Max Ernst, Boyce, many works of American artists: Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Andy Warhol. Contemporary art - and the building corresponding to it! Make no mistake - the K20 at Grabbenplatz is a modern architecture building with a curved facade of polished dark stone. And in the K21 building in Stendehaus, art of the 21st century is presented. There is a lovely cafe, an art shop and a library. In addition to the permanent exposition, there are also world-class shift exhibitions and art evenings.



Another museum complex, Erenhof, is within walking distance. The Palace of Arts (Kunstpalast), Exhibition Gallery is open all days except Monday, from 11 am. Concert hall with excellent acoustics is the pride of the museum complex. The collections in Erenhof are unique. Welcomes visitors to the stained-glass window of Dutch master Jan Thorn Prycker. In the Kunstpalast halls there are both paintings and graphics (there are works by Raphael, Michelangelo, Veronese) and a glass exposition. Glass and crystal products from ancient times to the present day are collected there. The paintings are presented starting with the works of ancient masters (there are paintings by Rubens!), up to masterpieces of the twentieth century, masters Nolde, Kirchner and others. In addition, there is also an exhibition on local history, which introduces the stages of agricultural development in the Rhine-Westphalia region. And contemporary art is represented in the NRV-Forum Gallery. There are exhibitions of architecture, fashion, design, photography. Why isn't there! That you will become an art critic, we do not promise, but how interesting all this! And when you look at everything, listen like this, in a complex, you become a little different person, that's for sure! The Great Power of Art! In the middle of the yard is a beautiful fountain, there is a good cafe, under the museum. The cost of the ticket to the Museum of Art is 14 euros, to the Exhibition Gallery - 6 euros.

Benrath Palace (Schloss Benrath)


Impressions are just going off the charts! We'll take a break, get some air in the beautiful park of the Benrat Palace in southern Dusseldorf. In ancient times the Elector liked this picturesque and quiet place, and he wished to build his residence there. The Classicist palace offers relaxation and seclusion. The park faces the river. Near the palace, by the custom of French architects - pond. You can get to the castle with a tour, exhibitions are held here, and sometimes even weddings.

Ruthis Café & Bistro

Cafés, Bistros, Gluten-free Restaurants

It's time for a refreshment! You can have a wonderful lunch right next to Benrat Palace. The menu is so exquisite that you will feel still in the palace, especially fastidious will be offered a gluten-free diet. And the drinks are for all tastes. Enjoy!

Hotel Sion

Japanischer Garten


Driving along the Rhine is a pleasure! How could such a beautiful place do without Heine and Goethe, without magical painters, without beautiful composers?! It's not. Well, it didn't. We still enjoy their beautiful creations. It's this peaceful nature they were inspired by. And we'll take a break. Let's stay in the Japanese Garden. In a place of silence and contemplation. Japanese pavilion, pond, bridge - everything so wonderfully blended into the local landscape. Cozy place for rest and walks.

Flora and Botanical Garden (Flora und Botanischer Garten)

Botanical Gardens

Beautiful Cologne botanical garden, 150 years of history, beautiful and fresh as morning dew. Locals are eager to come here for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, while tourists enjoy walks and unexpected combinations of styles. The parterre resembles a French baroque park, a water cascade - Italian Renaissance park, a corner of an English garden, German idealism, there is even a lady's rose garden, water lilies, a palm alley. There's nothing here! And how can they combine all this so harmoniously!

Max Stark


We were. We've taken a dip. We're in trouble. We were breathing. Dinner! And you didn't miss it. Homemade, delicious, good food. Let's try traditional German dishes! It's delicious. It's really good. The service is praised, too.

Rhine Garden (Rheingarten)


After a busy lunch it's not bad to take a walk. The wind in Rhine Park is often strong, so you can grab a lightweight jacket. Children there can climb a rock (artificial rock), ride a small train, play on a basketball court, so they may not notice drafts. Big spacious lawns. It's a good place to go out in the evening. Fresh wind and a great view of the Rhine.