Conquer the Khibiny Mountains. To visit the location of the Leviathan shoot.. Take a swim in the Barents Sea. Take care of the Lima and the Packula with the Saami.. Try elk liver, venison and Murmansk scallops.. Go around the whole of Murmansk - the largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle.. .

Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region

You can feel the magic of the Kola Peninsula whenever you want. But this land is especially beautiful in the warm season when nature awakens: rivers and waterfalls gain strength, tundra blossoms with bright colors, meadows become green. Trekking in the mountains, authentic Sami villages, mystical Teriberka with skeletons of ships - six days on the peninsula is disastrously few, but we will try to embrace the immense.

Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region

6 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - History and Culture, Active Leisure, Unobvious locations - Car, 4 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Active Leisure, Unobvious locations

Day 1: A day on the road, a short walk through New Ladoga and Petrozavodsk.

We'll spend the first day on the road. On the way we'll admire the old town of Old Ladoga, stop at a soulful restaurant "Mandrogi", walk on the shore of Lake Onega in Petrozavodsk. We'll come to the hotel at midnight - it's necessary to have a good night's sleep, because tomorrow we'll have to drive a lot more.
Visiting: Segezha, Petrozavodsk, Centralniy, Padun, Selivanovo Pervoye, Staraya Ladoga, Verkhniye Mandrogi

Day 2: Day 2 on the way: White Sea, dinner in Apatity and overnight in Murmansk.

We will have to leave early: there will be a lot of picturesque places on the way, so we will sacrifice our sleep for them. On the way to Murmansk we will stop at the White Sea shore - for a short time, later you will have a chance to get acquainted with it closer. In the afternoon we will cross the Arctic Circle and have dinner already in Apatity. We'll be closer to midnight in Murmansk.
Visiting: Segezha, Murmansk, Apatity, Lesnoy, Kem' Pristan', Rabocheostrovsk, Loukhi, Pirenga

Day 3: The legendary village of Teriberka, where they shot "Leviathan", and a walk in Murmansk.

We get up early today - we have to leave at least 7 a.m. The way lies in the famous village of Teriberka - the only place in the vicinity where you can admire the open Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. In the evening we will return to Murmansk. The largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle will pleasantly surprise you with the number of sightseeing attractions.
Visiting: Murmansk, Teriberka

Day 4: Sami village Sam Syyt, Lake Imandra and cozy Kirovsk

In the morning we go to the Sami village of Sam Syyt: get acquainted with the life and life of this northern people, try unusual dishes, visit ceremonial places. In the afternoon we go to Kirovsk, a small industrial town with alien landscapes. The city is located at the foot of the Khibin - the largest mountain massif on the Kola Peninsula. At the end of the day we'll visit the main (and really interesting!) museum of the city, and then go have a rest in one of the cozy hotels of Kirovsk.
Visiting: Kirovsk, Murmansk, Symbozero, Apatity

Day 5: Trekking in the Khibiny, White Sea and Kem

This will be the most active day of the trip. Early in the morning, you will set out to conquer the majestic Khibiny. The preparation for the trekking is simple: a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of water in your backpack - and you can leave at least for the whole day. The further it goes, the easier it is. You quickly stop paying attention to the discomfort and with every meter you admire the mountain scenery more and more. We'll have lunch in Kirovsk, and then go home. On the way we'll go to the shore of the White Sea, and then we'll spend the night in the town of Kem.
Visiting: Kirovsk, Kem', Tedino, Kandalaksha, Knyazhaya Guba

Day 6: Dear Home: Voitsky Padun waterfall and an abandoned airfield

You have to leave the hotel early - 6:30 am. On the way home, we will stop at Voitski Padun waterfall, then visit the abandoned Hirvas airfield. We'll have dinner in a cozy cafe near Lake Ladoga.
Visiting: Kem', Lodeynoye Pole, Centralniy, Segezha, Ussuna, Pryazha, Nadvoitsy