From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history – Day 3: Pushkin places and history of Pskov

We'll start the day in the park of Alexander Pushkin, visit the historical museum with a magnificent exposition, explore along and across the Pskov Kremlin, and go to Lake Cheremenets.
From St. Petersburg to Pskov: a dive into history

Trip duration: 4 days

Olesya Ponomaryova

Парк культуры и отдыха им. А. С. Пушкина


Fresh morning we'll start with a walk in Pushkin Park. Pushkin's spirit, like history, is soaked in everything here. And what do you want? We travel to the Pushkin places. And when you look at these leaves, at these branches, you unwittingly think, or maybe Alexander Sergeyevich "saw" his scientist cat under this oak tree, who "told him his fairy tales"... There is a beautiful monument to our great poet in the park. On it he and his creative inspirer - nanny Arina Rodionovna. As a child I was occupied by a question: why in Pushkin's creative work so much space is given to the nanny, now it is clear - who gives time to children, and that and love. It is simple.



And now for breakfast! And a pleasure. And useful. And cheap. It's a wonderful cafe! We started with some amazing coffee desserts. Then we ordered a second one. Beautiful!

Поганкины палаты

History Museums

Who's in the mushrooms, and we're back in history. But don't be afraid of the name. It's a museum. There's a wonderful collection of paintings, or rather iconography. Have you heard the term "Pskov School"? Here, it's this way. Besides, here is a wonderful collection of antique silver. Right literally: from found treasures. And the name is not quite usual for the museum by the name of the first owner of these stone chambers - merchant Pogankin. So, there's nothing scary here. But the exposition is wonderful! Old, history, icons, silver and still painting! Quinji, Shishkin, Repin and Western European artists will please you with their paintings here.

Псковский Кром (Кремль) / Pskov Krom (Kremlin)

Historic Sites

But it's not the first time in the Pskov Kremlin! In our school years we were taken here on a tour. I remember vaguely, more sensation, I remember these mighty walls, this peculiar combination of water and clouds. Towers, white stone fortified church. Yes, everything, it turns out, I remember! And then for the first time I heard on the excursion that in order to strengthen even more fortress walls, under them dug a moat and filled it with water. Here!

Ресторан Русаков


We walked, walked around the Kremlin, inside and around it, and decided to go to lunch. How delicious is the cooking here after all! Either the fact that mushrooms and berries grow here in huge quantity and of fine quality, or the nature itself disposes to culinary delights, but the cuisine here is special, though we eat in different institutions. Eat delicious mushroom soup, zander, julienne. They loved it.

Guest House Sakhalin

Череменецкое Озеро


Let's go to another lake! It's so nice here! Beautiful beach, it's a pleasure to swim here in warm weather! And it's comfortable with the kids - a nice gentle descent. The nature is majestic, but not strict, but something more like a native. Of course, we took a lot of pictures and just took pictures of the lake and clouds. And the fishermen were boasting that their catches were good.


Modern European Restaurants, Cafés, Karaoke Bars

After a walk on the lake, traditionally, we are going to dinner in a new restaurant for us. What a delicious stew here! And pork and beef. Luxury portions, a wonderful menu. Eyes are running out. It's no longer our turn to fish here. It's cozy inside. It's a nice bar.