Family weekend in Dmitrov and Zavidovo Park. – Day 2: The little joys of travel

On the second day of the trip you will find the process of making Christmas toys, a trip to the national park "Zavidovo", rest on Lake Senezh and a variety of cuisine of local restaurants.
Family weekend in Dmitrov and Zavidovo Park.
Travel distance by car: 244 km.Travel distance on foot: 1 km.Visiting: Dmitrov, Taganskiy, Zavidovo, Solnechnogorsk, Zelenograd, Vozdvizhenskoye, Klin

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexandr Kosar

Музей елочной игрушки «Клинское подворье»


I've always wanted to see the production of Christmas tree toys with my own eyes. Ever since we were kids. And here is a museum and a factory! Let's go! We visited the workshops where both pears are made and where they are painted. Very interesting excursions. And in general, there are 12 halls in the museum. To see the Christmas tree toys and learn about their production is quite possible. Monday's the day off.

Национальный парк «Завидово»

National Parks

Just half an hour from the Christmas tree toy museum in Klinna wonderful national park "Zavidovo". Deciduous and coniferous forests, meadows, rivers, the national park stretches from Moscow to the Tver region. Not only is it beautiful nature, but also historical places. Passing by, one can admire ancient churches and chapels.

Королевская Охота


Did you ever have lunch at the castle? If not, you'll have the opportunity today. The Royal Hunting Restaurant is located in a very beautiful place on the bank of the pond. The interiors are atmospheric, serviced fairly quickly.

Озеро Сенеж


In the afternoon we go to Lake Señez. We've heard many times, but this is the first time we've been there. We loved it here! Quiet surface of the water, calm... Reminds us of the Russian North. In general, it's a lake of glacial origin, but in fact, it's a reservoir. At the end of the 19th century there was the first hydroelectric power station in the Moscow region. On the shores of the lake there are many tourist bases, rest homes and hotels. Fishermen boasted of their catch.

Городской парк им. Крупской


Solnechnogorsk is also located on Lake Senezh. And its city park overlooks the lake shore. Who like it, but we liked this place: surprisingly, there are many sculptures, and some of them are very funny. It's a favorite place for the citizens to relax.

В Гости

Asian Restaurants

While we're driving, admiring the beauty of the Russian plain. In the evening we stopped by Zelenograd. We'll have dinner here, too. When we went to the restaurant, we plunged into the atmosphere of the east. Coziness, beauty. And the dishes are all familiar! We had dinner with great pleasure. Everyone in our family loves Hinkali. We don't have to talk about it. We didn't stay long, we still have to go to Moscow.