Cinema adventure on the island Oahu – Day 5: Jurassic Park and a piece of Japan

Today there are adventures in the style of Jurassic Park and the very same unbelievably lush green views which can be seen in the cinema ahead.
Cinema adventure on the island Oahu

Trip duration: 7 days

Gvenet Bloom

Hukilau Cafe

Breakfast Spots

It is something amazing. A small imperceptible cafe, yet so heartly people and so nutritious food. I ordered pork tacos with pineapples. I have never tasted such a dainty! There other delicious dishes and breakfasts in the Hawaiian style. You definitely will find something that suits your taste.

Kualoa Ranch

Farms, Nature Preserves

Welcome to the Jurassic Park! We were so eager about coming here because we both love all the films included in the cyclus, Although there many thrilling actions such as Kayak Adventure Tour, Jurassic Valley Zipline, Electric mountain bike tour, ATV Adventure and Hourseback Adventure, we chose Hollywood Movie Site Tour. It is a captivating trip! Prepare your cameras, you will want to imprint a great amount of moments! I would like to add, dear friends, although you wish to take photos for a long memory, try to have free moments from gadgets at least for a while, because you will not be able to see such stunning landscapes anywhere else. Book your tour in advance, it is preferable, two weeks before!

Chinaman's Hat - Scenic Viewpoint

Scenic Lookouts

An enormous hat. Where? – Right in front of you. A mountain-hat which everyine takes pictures with as the view is beautiful. of course, everyone has this hat on their heads. We tried to think of something more unexpected and took the photo where we pull the hat by opposite sides of pent. I wonder what idea will come your mind?

Waiahole Poi Factory

Restaurants, Food & Drink Shops

A gorgeous place, Hawaiian cuisine, all the plats are served in inimitable wooden dishes. I am not sure if it is a plate that adds special pleasant taste to the food or it is a skillful chef himself, yet, we wanted to relish every piece. In fact, it is not so important. You definitely should drop into this spot.

Valley of the Temples


A piece of Japan at the foothills. The mountains create a natural amphitheatre around the Byodo-In Temple. A wonderful sight to the ocean opens from here. It is hard to take your eyes off it. The temple is non-practicing and is available for tourists. For a small fee you can get satisfaction from calmness which this place is full of. Byodo-In is a copy of similarly-named UNESCO heritage included temple in Japan. The place provokes the thoughts about the film ‘Picture Bride’ which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 1994. The cinema tells in the vivid colours the story of Japanese immigrants who work at reed plantations.

Nuʻuanu Pali Lookout

Scenic Lookouts

I urge you, dear friend, to forget about your cameras and phones for a while. Just look at the sight from here! When I watched the lying ahead green jungles which the city smoothly fits into, the words of adoration rolled of my tongue. I am sure you will love this lookout.

Kaneohe Beach Park


This beach reminds one of those that are often seen in the TV serial Hawaii 5.0, it is pleasant to stroll along such a place and to imagine yourselves in the role of two hotshot special service agents on the task. Enjoy the views and let your task be successfully completed (in particular, to track as many shooting sites as possible). Be in touch, agents!

Haleiwa Joe's - Haiku Gardens Restaurant

American Restaurants, Seafood Restaurants

A great range of food: shrimps, ribbons, salads, soups – each plat has an inimitable taste. A really merry atmosphere, fresh products and staff’s broad smiles make this place one of the most favourite ones among both the locals and guests of island.