Architectural Monuments of Ancient Russia – Day 3: Classical Russian landscape of Suzdal

Today you will get acquainted with a wonderful museum city - Suzdal. Historical monuments of the city are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, which makes it a treasure of national culture. In Suzdal, as in the capsule of time, preserved almost the entire millennial history of the city, which managed to visit both the princely capital and the dense backwater. Having visited this city once, you will want to return here to see once again the endless Russian expanses.
Architectural Monuments of Ancient Russia

Trip duration: 3 days

Darina Frantz

Музей деревянного зодчества и крестьянского быта

History Museums

Get acquainted with the life of a pre-revolutionary village, look into a hut of peasants and find unique household items that have long since been out of use. The museum has 15 architectural monuments in the form of elms, mills, barns and other structures from that time.

Суздальский кремль

Historic Sites

The Suzdal Kremlin has survived raids, fires and devastation. It is a museum complex, where many unique masterpieces of Old Russian art and exhibits related to the history of Suzdal are kept and displayed. The architectural ensemble is based on several churches, the Bishop's Chambers and the ancient Nativity Cathedral.

Спасо-Евфимиев монастырь

History Museums

Originally, the monastery was built as a fortress in order to defend itself against enemies. But over time, cathedrals and other structures began to appear here. On the territory you can visit the prison castle, which held unwanted Catherine II prisoners, and under Soviet rule - political prisoners and German prisoners of war. There are also relics of Mikhail Pozharsky.

Le Bazar

Russian Restaurants

In this restaurant you will be transferred to the modern culture of gastronomy. Unusual interior, original details and familiar dishes of Russian cuisine in the interpretation of fusion will not leave you indifferent. They say it's very tasty borscht and salad with pumpkin and duck.

Свято-Благовещенский Киржачский Женский Монастырь


It's time to make a small stop at the convent in Kirzhach. It was founded by Sergei Radonezhsky himself in the 14th century. From the monastery you can walk to the Kirzhac River and enjoy the peace of local beauties.



It's time for a refreshment before the rest of the journey. Simple and very tasty dishes of European and Russian cuisine are served here.