Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia – Day 2: Driving by Lake Peipsi.

Today we leave Kingisepp and go first to Ivangorod, and then drive past Lake Peipsi to Pskov. On the way we will visit several interesting museums and, of course, we will stop near the banks of the famous pond.
Ancient fortresses of Northern Russia

Trip duration: 6 days

Alexandr Kosar

Ivangorod castle (Ивангородская крепость)


Another grandiose monument, testifying to the great past, is the Ivangorod Fortress. It was founded more than five centuries ago, for a long time defended this land from invaders. Today there are open-air excursions, which should be arranged in advance by phone or through [site](, as the fortress is located in the border zone.

Иваногородский художественный музей

Art Museums

Another important part of the city's museum complex is the Ivanogorod Art Museum. A whole plethora of works by various Russian and foreign artists and sculptors is exhibited here. Of course, the works of such masters as I.Ya. Bilibin and A.V. Shchekatikhina-Pototskaya made a special impression.

Hotel Pokrovsky

Кофе Time

Cafés, Tea Rooms

After a fascinating excursion in the museum it is worth going for a snack. Coffee Time is the perfect place to eat. The choice of dishes here is generally wide, there are several kinds of pizza, many desserts and dishes of Japanese cuisine. We have some sweet pancakes as well as an average sushi set.

Берег Чудского озера


On our way to Pskov we decided to make a small stop near the famous Chudskoye Lake. This is not just a unique natural object, it was here that the very Ice Battle once took place, when Alexander Nevsky and his army defeated the German army. The beauty of the local scenery is impressive!



It's time and dinner! We went to a local grill bar called "Grafin". The setting of the restaurant was really cozy and relaxing. From a huge assortment of meat dishes we liked a steak of medium fry, and for dessert - pistachio ice cream.