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Weekend jeep tour Sunny Valley of Ingushetia

Weekend jeep tour Sunny Valley of Ingushetia
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3 Days


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160 km




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The Republic of Ingushetia is rich in objects of ancient civilization, medieval spirit and enchanting nature. Each tower complex, and there are several dozen of them in the valleys of the republic, has a rich past. They take their history from the 12th-17th centuries to the present day, without restoration, and are very well preserved. Of course, not all of them, but even the ruins of some are shocking in scale. Within the walls of each such complex, without exception, there are legends that are known on the ground. There are sanctuaries, mausoleums, and crypts preserved. Separate elements from older epochs and more. Nature deserves special attention. Alpine meadows, mountains, waterfalls and mountain rivers are truly a resort area with the cleanest air. We recommend using a prepared off-road vehicle on the route. Accommodation, sightseeing and catering arrangements
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Get in Russia
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  • See: objects of ancient civilization of 12-17 centuries.
  • Enjoy: views of alpine meadows, mountains, waterfalls and mountain rivers.
  • Breathe: purest air.

Travel Itinerary

Arrival at "Armkhi" hotel-resort complex
Day 130 km

Arrival at "Armkhi" hotel-resort complex

Approximately one hour on the way and we arrive at the hotel and resort complex "Armkhi".
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Journey through the Jeirah district
Day 280 km

Journey through the Jeirah district

In the morning, when leaving the hotel you will be able to appreciate all the delights of the Armkhi River gorge and Jeyrarh district. On the way along the winding serpentine we will spend about 1.5 hours before the first stop, we will have time to get used to this region and enjoy the views. Closer to the pass we will go to dozens of valleys and hills. We will see the remains of the medieval villages of Lyalakh and Salgi with preserved towers, as well as the unique watchtower of Magoy Jel. Approaching the Assin gorge, we will see the largest and excellently preserved tower town Egical. On the way, we will look at a small plateau, which opens the opposite bank of the Assa River and the Targim tower complex. Returning from the tower village of Vovnushki, we will take a look at another highlight of the region - the Christian temple of Thaba-Yerda of the 9th century.
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Completion of the expedition
Day 349 km

Completion of the expedition

First let's take a look at Lazhginskiy waterfall. After the waterfall we will have just a ten-minute drive to the next object. On the slope above the village of Olgeti there is a tower complex of Erzi castle type in perfect safety. We'll continue on our way. Nearby, in the lowland, there is the leftover village of Harp from the 16th century. After that we go to the asphalt and the winding Georgian military road we return to Vladikavkaz.
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