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Walks near Lake Baikal and learn the history of the unique region

Walks near Lake Baikal and learn the history of the unique region
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The summer trip to the picturesque Baikal will be filled with walks through natural monuments and immersion in the history of the amazing region.
We will visit the "Taltsy" open-air ethnographic museum, where we will have a chance to touch the culture and life of the Baikal peoples; we will climb to the top of the Chersky Rock, where we will enjoy amazing views; we will go to the Baikal Museum to learn the history of the deepest lake in the world and to say hello to the seals.
This two-day tour, packed with the unique history of the Baikal region and walks through picturesque places, will impress even the most experienced travelers.
Светлана Берило
Светлана Берило
Travel Expert
  • Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of wooden architecture in the "Taltsy" museum.
  • Take a photo on the background of the mysterious Shaman-stone.
  • Learn how the bottom of the world's deepest lake looks like.
  • Make a wish on the shore of Baikal.

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Introduction to the history of the Baikal Region
Day 178 km

Introduction to the history of the Baikal Region

The first day of the trip will begin with a walk through the Siberian village-museum "Taltsy", where you will be able to examine the dwellings of the peoples of the region and admire picturesque views of the Angara River. We will continue our acquaintance with the region in the village Listvyanka, located at the shore of Lake Baikal. Here we will have a look at the Baikal Museum to learn the history of the origins of the unique lake.
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Walks around Baikal
Day 285 km

Walks around Baikal

Today's day will be dedicated to walks around Baikal. The trip will start with a cable car ride up to the top of the Chersky Stone Mountain, from where a magnificent view of the Angara River source and the Shaman Stone will open up. The walk will continue in Dendrologichesky park - the corner of silence and pacification. And the day will end in a cozy restaurant, where the freshest fish dishes are served.
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