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Day 2217 km3 km

Arcos de La Frontera and Medina Sidonia

From Ubrique you will drive to the last two Pueblo Blancos of your tour: Arcos the La Frontera and Medina Sidonia. They may be last, but certainly not the least!

Day Itinerary

203 m5 min
Bar El Prado
09:0530 min

Bar El Prado

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Good morning! Did you sleep well? If you want to have some typical Andalusian breakfast, order a 'tostada con tomate' or a 'tostada con Jamon'. It's toast with tomato spread or toast with ham. You can order them anywhere, even if they are not on the menu. If you want a little bun, you can ask for a 'Bocadillo'. If they ask if you need 'Aceite' don't panic, they just mean olive oil, which is also a common thing to eat your bread with in Andalusia.
708 m10 min
Museo de la Piel de Ubrique
10:001 h

Museo de la Piel de Ubrique

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You will start your day in the leather museum of Ubrique. You can go there by yourself or take a tour. The tours start at 11 and you have to make an appointment for those. The museum is closed on Mondays. More info here. The museum is situated in El Convento de Capuchinos. It's a nice place to start up your day, and the people that work here are very friendly.

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