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The Pueblo Blanco Route

The Pueblo Blanco Route
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2 Days


By Car


366 km






Welcome to the Pueblo Blanco route! We don't know how good your Spanish is, but Pueblo Blanco means 'white village'. And there are a lot of those in Andalusia - which is in the south of Spain. In two days, you will visit some of the most beautiful Pueblo Blancos in this region. You will not only see the villages but also will enjoy some beautiful scenery. Of course, you will try out some famous tapas!
The colours of the landscape are in stark contrast with the white of the villages. So put on your sunglasses, take your camera and enjoy your road trip over winding roads, through the rough landscape of the very best part of Spain: Andalusia!
Karin Leijen
Karin Leijen
Travel Expert
  • Get to know what the real tapas are.
  • Ride the roads where animals walk.
  • The the authentic Andalusian jamon.

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A Postcard view of Andalusia
Day 1148 km7 km

A Postcard view of Andalusia

Get your camera and put on your sunglasses, the white villages of Andalusia look so stunning, you can't not take a lot of pictures here. Today you are going to see the first three of the total of 5 Pueblo Blanco's of your route, Algodonales, Zahara de la sierra and Ubrique.
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Arcos de La Frontera and Medina Sidonia
Day 2217 km3 km

Arcos de La Frontera and Medina Sidonia

From Ubrique you will drive to the last two Pueblo Blancos of your tour: Arcos the La Frontera and Medina Sidonia. They may be last, but certainly not the least!
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