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The Prades Mountains

The Prades Mountains
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3 Days


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424 km






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The Prades region of Tarragona is a quiet, off-the-map kind of destination that offers a wonderful and relaxing escape into the mountains. The gorgeous scenery is perfect for a road trip - winding roads lead past historic mountain chapels, fascinating monasteries, and rustic Catalan villages. Along the way, you'll also stop at scenic lookouts, secretive swimming holes, and more than a few fantastic restaurants serving up the best of the regional cuisine.
This exciting trip into the mountains is perfect for those looking for something less touristy and more local, with plenty of opportunities to jump out of the car and explore the historic sights!
James Taylor
James Taylor
Travel Expert
  • Soak in secretive swimming holes hidden away in the mountain valleys.
  • Admire the Poblet Monastery, one of the most stunning in all of Spain.
  • Enjoy the rustic charms of the Catalan mountain villages.

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Travel Itinerary

The Garraf Monastery and Mountain Chapels
Day 1147 km5 km

The Garraf Monastery and Mountain Chapels

You'll begin your journey today heading southwest out of Barcelona, before turning up to visit the Buddhist Monastery in the mountains behind the town of Garraf. After a delicious lunch at the eastern base of the mountains, we'll wind our way up into the hills to discover the beautiful towns, a secretive swimming hole, and a couple of historic chapels.
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The Monastery of Poblet and Winding Roads
Day 293 km

The Monastery of Poblet and Winding Roads

On the second day of this road trip through the mountains, you'll head north to pay a visit to a fabulous monastery in the town of Poblet, before heading back into the mountains to take in the views of the western part of the Prades Mountains.
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Swimming Holes and Scenic Lookouts
Day 3184 km

Swimming Holes and Scenic Lookouts

The third and final day of this itinerary is filled with amazing mountain scenery, a secret swimming hole, and a historic castle. Take it slow and enjoy the views before slowly winding your way back to Barcelona with a stop at an impressive castle.
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