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The Big Ring of the South Urals

Road Trip Route. Take a picture at the top of Mount Golukha in a through hole in the rock., Climb the bell tower in Bazova Mountain Park in Zlatoust., Take a picture with the sculptures of Rodin in Satka., Enjoy the view of Yuryuzan from the Idris Cave., Admire the panorama of Sima from the M5..

Spend three unforgettable days on a trip to the sights of the South Urals and visit the most interesting sights of Verkhneuralsk, Uchalov, Miass, Zlatoust, Satka, Asha, Ufa and Beloretsk. On this trip you will see one of the deepest quarries in the Urals, visit Idrisov cave with a beautiful view of the Yuryuzan River and descend to the Karlaman cave, interesting with its wide passages... and much more To visit the caves, I recommend that you bring a flashlight and clothes that are not sorry to get dirty.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Eastern slope of the Ural Ridge

We will visit Verkhneuralsk, where we will walk in the city center. Then we will go to Uchaly, where we will see one of the deepest quarries in the Urals. From here we will go to Chashkovsky ridge, where we will visit a mountain with a high rock on the top, which overlooks the surrounding area. And we'll finish the day with a walk on Zlatoust.


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Station park in Verkhneuralsk

Verkhneuralsk is a small town. Here almost all the sights are concentrated around the station park. It is the park itself, the building of the local history museum and a curious monument in front of it - a kettlebell, several monuments along Lenin Street and the obelisk Europe - Asia.

Upper Urals Cathedral of St. Nicholas the Miracle Worker

This is the oldest cathedral in the vicinity of Magnitogorsk. It was built in 1870.

Viewpoint of the Uchalinsk zinc quarry

Next, we're going to Uchaly. Here on the outskirts of the city there is a huge quarry, where copper ore is mined. This quarry is one of the deepest in the Urals. On the northern side of the quarry there is an observation deck. But since the quarry is surrounded from all sides by buildings of Uchalinsky GOK, you can approach it only through the forest. Leave the car on the side of the road at this point: 54.322205° N, 59.428139° E. and walk along the power line for about 400 meters, then turn left into the forest and after another 400 meters you will exit to the quarry. Coordinates of the observation deck: 54.317925° N, 59.423804° E.

Cafe "Conversation"

It's time for lunch. And Cafe Conversation is on its way.

Golukha Mountain on the Chashkovsky Ridge

The Chashkovsky range stretches for 16 km from the town of Miass to the outskirts of the village of Kundrava. It consists of many slides from 400 to almost 600 meters high. Hundreds of rock remains are scattered on the tops of the range. Among the mountains of the ridge the most interesting is Golukha. This is the highest point of the ridge. A long rocky ridge stretches to the top. It offers a view of tens of kilometers around. Nurali, Urenga and Taganay ridges can be seen on the horizon. The Blue Mountain is notable for its through hole in the horizontal slab on top. You can climb up from below, stick your head out and get an interesting photo as a memory. Be sure to take a flashlight for a walk as it may get dark.

Горный парк им П. П. Бажова

We're going to Zlatoust from Chashkovsky Ridge. Here we will visit the mountain park Bazhov. The park is filled with sculptures inspired by Bazhov's tales. But the park is not limited to the characters of fairy tales. Baba Yaga's hut, forest throne, well, Snake Gorynych, book-reading sculptures and much more have been created on its territory. There is also an exhibition gallery in the Mountain Park. In it you can get acquainted with a collection of the Ural minerals and Zlatoust arms, with expositions about development of crafts. In the park, you should take a look at the bell tower, which overlooks the central part of Zlatoust and where you can hit the bell. The tower is very young, it was built in 2006.

Храм Серафима Саровского

We will move closer to the historical part of Zlatoust to the intersection of Gagarin Avenue, Taganayskaya Street and Northern Street. At the crossroads, you will be met by a memorial to the 40th anniversary of Victory. And behind it there are two temples: John the Baptist and Seraphim of Sarov. Turn left and there will be a parking lot in front of the temples before the tramway. This place is located on a hill, a pond has been dug and there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

Площадь 3-го интернационала

It is the square where the watch factory, Arsenal, Bulat Cold Weapons Factory and other historical buildings of Zlatoust are located. Park on Lenin Street in front of the watch factory (Lenin, 2). It is a red brick three-storey building built in 1941. A monument to Zlatoust metallurgist Anosov was erected next to him on the 3rd International Square. At the factory building "Bulat" you will see a monument to the heroes of the front and rear. Across the street from the Arsenal, there's a city garden. Now let's take a little walk down Lenin Street and walk to the building of the former Ural cinema. In front of it there is an interesting monument to Pegasus.

Old Town

Ресторан расположен при гостинице "Сонькиной лагуны". Красивый интерьер, сытная еда, красивая подача блюд.

Day 2: The road to Ufa

We'll walk around Satka's center, where we'll see Rodin's sculpture. Then we'll go to Bakal, where we'll see the deep quarries and abandoned houses after its expansion. Then near Ust-Katav we'll admire the Maryin Rock. From here we'll go to Idrisov cave, from which we'll see a beautiful panorama of the Yuryuzan river. And we'll finish the day with a stroll through the evening Ufa.

Samovar Café

We'll start the day with breakfast at Samovar café in Satka. This is probably the only cafe in Satka that opens at 9:00. It's a café like a dining room. Here is a beautiful design of dishes, variety in the menu and reasonable prices.

Сквер ДК Магнезит

The first place we're going is the square in front of the Magnesite Cultural Center. The House of Culture is interesting because in front of its entrance from Lenin Street there are original sculptures of Rodin. On the other side of Lenin Street there is the Park of Glory dedicated to the Great Patriotic War.

New-Bakalsk quarry

From here we go to the town of Bakal. It is in a real career land. Iron ore mining has been carried out here since XVIII century. And now there are 16 quarries dug in the vicinity of the town. We'll visit one of them. It's the New-Bakal Quarry. It's located closest to the urban development. And it's only separated from it by rail. Park at the corner of Shchorsa and South. It's very close to the quarry from here. The quarry ate part of the city during mining. A cinema, a school, a kindergarten and several residential buildings were demolished for its expansion. Some of the buildings have not yet been demolished and are standing abandoned.

Pita's Pizzeria.

We'll go to Yuriuzan for lunch at Pita's Pizza. Here you can eat quickly, deliciously and cheaply.

Mar'in Utes

When you drive up to the city of Ust-Katav after the bridge over the Katav River, on the left side of the road there will be a beautiful high rock with a good view. It is called Maryin Rock. But it's not easy to get close to her. Here on a rather long section of the highway it is forbidden to turn, so it will be necessary either to run over the highway, or to drive to the turn to Ust-Katav and park at the gas station "Gazpromneft", which will be on the left side of the road. From here to the rock, you will walk 600 meters through the forest on a dirt road. The Great Ust-Katavskaya Cave is located in the rock. Take a flashlight to walk along it. The entrance to the cave is an arch 10 meters wide and 25 meters high. The cavity itself consists of three rounded halls with ceilings up to 17 meters high. The cave floor rises steeply from the entrance.

Иҙрис мәмерйәһе

The cave is located at the top of Kissyatyash Rock. And it overlooks the Yuryuzan River. The cave itself is picturesque and not dirty at all. You can walk here without being afraid to get your clothes dirty.

Sim city viewing platform

The M5 motorway offers a beautiful view of the city of Sim. Here it descends smoothly from the mountain and you can see the whole city. The observation deck is to the left of the road. But it's not allowed to turn left. Park on the cliff platform on the right side of the road. There's a small quarry behind the rocks.

Sherlock Holmes

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Памятник Салавату Юлаеву

Before going to bed, let's take a little walk around evening Ufa. Park in the parking lot near the congress hall (Zaki Validi, 2). This parking lot is located on Salavat Yulaev Square. From the square begins the alley to the monument to Salavat Yulaev. It is placed on the Cherkalikhinskaya mountain. The monument is the biggest equestrian statue in Russia, its height is almost ten meters. From the monument let's go back to the congress hall. Across the road from it in the center of Gafuri Street there is a park where we will see such art objects as "The Open Book", "The Tree of Love", "The Bee". From the square we will go back to Congress Hall and turn left onto Zaki Validi Street. Four blocks away we will meet the building of the Bashkir Academic Drama Theatre named after Mazhit Gafuri. The theatre is named after the national poet of Bashkortostan. In front of the building is a monument to M. Gafuri. The Lenin Park is situated near the Drama Theater. Let's go into the park. It is one of the oldest parks in Ufa. It was created in 1867-72. It was the main resting place for citizens of pre-revolutionary Ufa. Here was placed the first fountain in the city, operated a summer cinema. Let's pass through the park at a slant and go to the crossroads of Tukaeva Street and Sovetskaya Street. There is a two-story building. It is a former Governor House. The building was built in 1832-38. Now the building houses the Ministry of Health of Bashkortostan. From the Governor's House, we'll walk down the center of Tukaeva Street. Here is Sofyushkina Alley. Trees in the alley are planted in staggered order parallel to each other on both sides of the walkway. The alley will lead us to the Aksakov House Museum. Next to it on the bank of Belaya river there's Salavat Yulayev garden. Along the river there are several cast-iron pavilions, which are nicely illuminated in the evenings. There is a view of the Belaya River and the bridge over it. From the garden we return to Sofyushkin Alley and walk along it until Novomostovaya Street and turn to it. After a block on the left will be Aksakov's garden. We take a walk through it. Here you can find a stele in memory of the Aksakovs family estate and a sculptural composition "The Scarlet Flower". Not far from Aksakov garden at the crossroads of Pushkin and Novomostovaya Streets there is a house-museum of Hudayberdin. This building is a fine example of wooden architecture. A block away on Novomostovaya street is a church of Saviour. It used to resemble a Kazan Cathedral in St. Petersburg. It was laid in 1824. In this way, you can get to the Aksakov Garden and turn right into Pushkin Street. At the crossroads with Tsyurupa street stands Mariinskiy Gymnasium, built in 1860. Nowadays gymnasium No.3 is located here. There is a monument to Maxim Gorky in front of it. Go further along Pushkin Street and after two blocks, turn to Lenin Street. There is an Alley of modern sculpture. One of the art objects that stands out is "Three screws". So nicknamed the stylized name of the city in the Bashkir language. Behind the art object on Sovetskaya Street one can see the building of the National Museum of the Republic of Bashkortostan. This is the largest museum in Bashkiria and one of the oldest in the country. Let's go back to Pushkin Street. At the corner of Lenin and Pushkin stands a beautiful two-story building of the Noble Assembly, across the street from it is the Bashkir State Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Along Pushkin Street there is Pushkinskaya Alley, where we will see monuments to Aksakov and Pushkin. On the corner with Karla Marksa Street stands the remarkable house of Kosterin, a bakery trader. We go straight along Pushkin Street, after two blocks turn left into Gafuri Street and return to the car.

Day 3: Beloretsk

We will go down to the small but interesting Karlamanska cave and take a walk in the center of Beloretsk, which is full of sights.


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Ҡарламан мәмерйәһе

A small but interesting cave. It is located at the base of the Ulu-Tau rock. There used to be two entrances. Now one entrance is blocked with clumps and the other has an L-shaped bend that leads to a wide tunnel with steep walls, and the ceiling is almost horizontal. The width of the passages is from two to twelve meters, and the height is from five to ten meters. Its length is one hundred and ninety-eight metres (according to other sources it is two hundred and sixty-nine). At the bottom of the cave there is a lot of clay, you will easily get dirty. Choose clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable in.

Cafe "Grand"

It's lunchtime. On the outskirts of the village Arkhangelsky we will stop at the roadside cafe "Grand".

Площадь Металлургов

The last point of our journey will be Beloretsk. We park on Tochissky Street in front of the Metallurgist cinema (Karl Marcas, 70a). You can get to this part of the street only from Lenin Street. Let's go for a walk around town. We'll start it on Tochissky Street, the same street we took to the cinema. We'll walk backwards from the car. There's a Friendship Square in the center of the street, and there are pleasant Stalinist houses on both sides. In a block, we'll go out to Sovetsuya Square. It is decorated with a water tower built in 1916. To the right behind the trees there is a green building of the Bashkir gymnasium. We go further down Tochisky Street to the dam of Beloretsky pond. There is a bust of Kalinin on the bridge near the dam. On the other side of Tochissky Street a small square is broken. There is a monument to metallurgists who fell in battles during the Great Patriotic War, the building of the former Beloretskaya hydroelectric power plant and a rock formation. We'll take a left on Blücher Street. Here we will be met by a two-storey building of the plant management, and opposite it in the square there is a monument to the founder of Beloretsky iron-making plant Ivan Borisovich Tverdyshev. From the square we will cross the Belyaya River on the pedestrian bridge, the trail will lead us past the garages, go straight ahead, cross July 5 and Lenin Street and we will get to Kosorotov Street. It's not remarkable, but there are well-groomed houses along it. A row of concrete blocks will stand on the left side of the block. From here starts the pedestrian part of Karl Marx Street. We'll turn on it and go back to the Metallurgist cinema after a block.

Ресторан кинотеарта Металлург

The road ahead is quite long, so I suggest dinner in Beloretsk. The restaurant of the "Metallurg" cinema is probably the best place in the city. Here you can taste European, Italian, Japanese and Russian cuisine. Just what you need to complete a busy trip!