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Russian gastronomy

Road Trip Route. Museum of Vendace, Popov Meadow" tavern., Maria Kowal's Cheese Maker, Duchess - Food and Farm, Apiary of the Senyatkin, Chocolate Shop.

On the first day you will find a lot of delicious things: royal fish and cabbage from the oven, Russian Camembert as good as French and dinner in a home restaurant with an inexpressible atmosphere! And the second day will be a sweet day: you'll visit an apiary, learn the difference between honey of different kinds and try bee products; you'll make a chocolate bar with your own hands in the chocolate workshop and try the branded Pokrovskie cakes.

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Tsarist fish, Russian Camembert and evening romance

A delicious day is waiting for you, consisting of a royal fish from the stove and a Russian Camembert, which you can compare to the French and make sure it is no worse. Dinner is waiting for you in a home restaurant with an inexpressible atmosphere!

Sergiev Posad

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Museum "Kingdom of Riapushka"

Here you'll taste vendace (the same fish which proudly painted on the coat of arms of Pereslavl Zalessky) and find out why tsars liked to treat it so much. You can also take part in a master class on gingerbread painting - paint a gingerbread with multicolored glaze, bake in a Russian stove and enjoy a delicious creation with fragrant tea! Please note that in winter the museum is open only on Saturdays and Sundays. Be sure to sign up for excursions and master classes in advance. You can order a tour and sign up for the tasting at [site](http://xn----7sbgzjwiedglr3a2b4g.xn--p1ai/degustation.html).

Popov Meadow" tavern.

In the complex "Popov Meadow" there is a farm, an inn, an equestrian sports club and a branded shop. In the shop you can try farm meat, dairy and vegetable products. There's also lunch waiting for you at the Pop Meadow Tavern. Absolutely everything here: architecture, interior, and food, as well as their presentation - will immerse you in the atmosphere of Russia. The dishes are prepared according to ancient Russian recipes, many of them in the oven or in the cauldron. Be sure to book a table in advance at [site](

Maria Kowal Farm and Dairy

It was no accident that the cheese factory appeared in Pereslavl-Zalessky. Previously Yaroslavl province was the main cheese region of the country (in the XIX century there were more than 300 cheese-bars here, and also a special breed of cows - Yaroslavskaya was bred). The cheese dairy supports traditions of Russian cheese making and modern French, Italian and Dutch technologies. They'll show you how cheeses are made, tell you more about them and give you a taste. The farm doors are open Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm, and Friday to Sunday from 10am to 7pm. Be sure to book your excursion [in advance](

Princess Food and Farm

This is a real author's restaurant, located on the farm. The restaurant itself, made of birch trunks and wide planks, stands in the forest. The whole family of the owners works in the restaurant. The set consists of 6 dishes - only local products grown immediately on the farm. Please note that the restaurant is open only on Fridays from 16:00, and on Saturdays from 14:00. Be sure to order a table [in advance](

Day 2: Sweet Day: honey, chocolate and cakes.

It's going to be a very sweet day! You will visit an apiary, learn about the difference between honey of different kinds and taste bee products; visit a chocolate workshop and make chocolate bars with your own hands; be amazed at what spoons are like in the museum of spoons and try the branded Pokrovskie cakes.

Михайло-Архангельский монастырь

On the way you will visit Mikhailo Archangelskiy monastery. It was founded back in XIII century. However, only buildings of XVII-XVIII centuries have survived to our days. The main sights of the monastery are the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael and the Archimandrite's Corps with an exposition devoted to Prince Bagration (hero of the Patriotic War of 1812). It was here, not far from the village of Sima, that the estate of Bagration's relatives of the Golitsyn princes was built. Here he Bagration was restored after the Battle of Borodino. And you can even see the same carriage in which he was taken. You can get to the monastery every day from 9 am to 6 pm.

Apiary of the Senyatkin

At the apiary you'll see what honeycomb looks like, and you'll know what kinds of honey there are. You can also taste many different kinds of honey, including honeycomb, as well as organic products: pollen, parchment, fence, propolis (all this can be bought and taken with you). Be sure to inform you of your [arrival](

Chocolate Shop

In the Chocolate Museum you can take part in two master classes: -Chocolate bar master class At this workshop you will learn all about chocolate, its recipes, production technology, and make chocolate bars with your own hands. -chocolate set master class You will make and pack a set of chocolates yourself. The youngest guests (3+) can also take part in the master class. Be sure to register for master classes [in advance](http://xn----7sbabaxd4bcke3abwnco8ivf.xn--p1ai/kontakty).

Beer restaurant Blackwood

A small cozy restaurant with delicious author's cuisine. The menu is small, the restaurant has its own brewery. The restaurant offers bear, elk and boar meat and author's dumplings with cherry flour.

Spoon museum

A small private museum with a rich collection. It has both ancient and quite modern spoons. All spoons of different species and countries, different shapes and themes. Please be careful - the museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 to 18:00, on Mondays it is closed.

Cafe U Oleg

This cafe is the most popular sushi bar in town. The menu includes dishes from different cuisines of the world. Locals recommend thick soup, which is served on bread.

Shop Pokrovsky gingerbread

On the way home, we'll stop at the Cover, the gingerbread shop. The history of these gingerbread began in 1998, when there were very simple forms for gingerbread in the form of a rooster and a samovar, carved from wood. Now the factory "Pokrovsky Gingerbread" produces gingerbread for every taste: gingerbread and chocolate, hand-painted and printed, with or without glaze.

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