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8 Attractions to Visit

Day 2

192 km839 m

A day of fascinating species and activities

The second day will start with unforgettable views from Mount Lobach, then we will go to the shooting range, after that we will visit the island of Sviyazhsk and the museum with a lot of archaeological finds, and at the end of the trip we will go to get an adrenaline dose at the ski resort.

Day Itinerary

3.8 km10 min
Mount Lobach
08:302 h

Mount Lobach

Nature Preserve
Open Details
Start your day by conquering Mount Lobach. The mountain is a natural monument of regional importance. From the upper observation point you'll see fascinating views of the confluence of the Kama and the Volga. This is a truly incredible landscape.
To get to the top, take a hike from your hotel or go exploring the mountain by car. The front desk will tell you the way.
This is where you get your scenic photos!
92.7 km1 h 30 min
Stendovaya Strel'ba
12:001 h

Stendovaya Strel'ba

Open Details
Next stop is the shooting stand. Test your marksmanship!
If you have never held a gun in your hands, don't worry, experienced instructors will help you and you will hit the cherished bull's-eye!
You can sign up for shooting at the phone number listed on the website.
Hours of operation: Wednesday - Sunday: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

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