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Picturesque views and active adventures in Tatarstan

Road Trip Route. Visit the Yuriev Cave and the Gypsum adits, Enjoy the picturesque views from Mount Lobach., Live see cheese cooking technology, Get acquainted with the history of Kamsko-Ustiinsky district, Hit the bull's-eye in the stand shooting complex., Visit a unique museum of archeological wood, Get unforgettable emotions in the ski resort.

Breathtaking weekends await you at Tatarstan's most bewitching natural monuments, historical sites and places of active recreation. You will visit one of the most beautiful places in Tatarstan - the area with picturesque rocks, where the Volga and Kama rivers merge, forming a large bay resembling the sea. Here you will visit a cave and a large deposit of gypsum, climb Mount Lobach, and you will see stunning landscapes! Visit the cheese dairy, where cheeses are prepared according to original French recipes and take part in tastings, as well as visit the local local history museum, learn the history of the area, its flora and fauna and much more! In Sviyazhsk you'll visit the Museum of Archaeological Tree and see the urban development of XVI-XVIII centuries and many archaeological finds. And that's not all! You will have the opportunity to check your accuracy in the stand shooting complex, as well as ride with the breeze in the ski resort!

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Eugenia Laputina. Traveller.

Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Day in Kamsko-Ustinsky district

The day will begin with a visit to the Yurievskaya cave, then we will go to the gypsum adits - one of the largest deposits of gypsum, visit the local cheese dairy and take part in tasting, learn all about the area in the local history museum, and in the evening we will walk in the Victory Park.


Gazpromneft filling station #605

The journey begins! For a smooth trip, we recommend stopping at a gas station - fill a full tank of quality fuel, pump up the tires, buy aromatic coffee and snacks on the road.

Yuryevskaya cave

The first point of the route will be the picturesque Yurievsk cave, which is a natural monument of regional importance. We will go inside, climb on the rocks, feel all the power and energy of nature. We'll also enjoy the stunning views of the cliffs and the Volga River! Don't forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Make sure that mobile phones are charged. Flashlights won't be superfluous either. If this walk is new to you, it is advisable to use the services of a guide. Safety first!

Plaster adits

Not far from Yuryevskaya cave there are adits, where works on mining of gypsum were carried out since XIX century. Going inside, you can see the remains of rails, wheels of cars, signs. Take powerful flashlights with you: your phone's power may not be enough.


We're going to the nearest cafe for lunch. The menu offers a wide choice of pizza, rolls, there are also WOK noodles of different kinds, Tahan - rice with chicken and vegetables. Pleasant atmosphere, polite staff!


Let's go on a tour of the local cheese factory. Here we will see live the technology of soft cheese production according to classical ancient recipes and take part in tasting. You should make an appointment for the tour in advance, you can do it [on the website]( in the contacts section, where the phone number and e-mail address are specified.

MUK Kamsko-Ustiinsky District Museum of Local Lore

Let's check out the local museum. Here you'll get acquainted with flora and fauna of Kamsko-Ustiinsky district, see ancient household items, various figurines, tools, jewelry, clothes. You'll learn about development of steamship on the Volga. There are also expositions devoted to gypsum mining, exhibitions devoted to the Civil War and the Great Patriotic War. It's very interesting and informative! Weekends: Saturday and Sunday.

Victory Park

You can take a walk in the city park before dinner. In the park are the Eternal Flame, a stele with the names of the fallen during the war, guns, fighting machine.


We're going to one of the best local cafes for dinner. The menu includes salads, hot dishes and desserts. Rest and enjoy the atmosphere of warmth and coziness!

Day 2: A day of fascinating species and activities

The second day will start with unforgettable views from Mount Lobach, then we will go to the shooting range, after that we will visit the island of Sviyazhsk and the museum with a lot of archaeological finds, and at the end of the trip we will go to get an adrenaline dose at the ski resort.

Mount Lobach

The day will begin with the conquest of Mount Lobach. The mountain is a natural monument of regional importance. From the upper observation point you can enjoy breathtaking views of the confluence of the Kama and Volga rivers. Here you get picturesque pictures!

комплекс стендовой стрельбы "Свияга"

Next stop, the shooting stand. Let's check our accuracy! If you have never held a gun in your hands, then do not worry, experienced instructors will help you and you will fall into the cherished apple! It is possible to make an appointment for the shooting by phone, indicated [on site](


We'll go to Sviyazhsk and take a walk on the island. There are preserved ancient temples, monasteries and several museums. One of which we will visit, but already in the afternoon.


So we don't have to think about food at the museum, first we'll go to the local cafe. The menu offers dishes of Russian and Uzbek cuisine. Salads, soups, hot dishes - there are everything to eat tasty and nourishing.

музей археологического дерева “татарская слободка»

We will visit a very interesting, very unusual and the only museum of this kind in Russia. Most of the museum is occupied by the archaeological excavation, where the real location of urban buildings made of wood of XVI-XVIII centuries was recreated. You will see a large number of archaeological finds: kitchen utensils, tools, clothes, paws, toys, chess ... Here you will also see a 21-meter animated map of Sviyazhsk of the XVII century. Weekend: Monday.

Sviyazh Hills All Seasonal Resort City

It's time to have fun and actively rest while skiing! Four slopes at different levels, from the simplest for beginners to the most challenging for professionals. And if you don't like skiing, just tune in for relaxation: here you can visit the sauna, hammam, play table tennis and billiards. In order for the visit to go perfectly, it is better to arrange a visit in advance. More information about the complex can be obtained [on site](


We'll go to a cafe in the complex for dinner. The menu offers dishes of Russian and Tatar cuisine. Salads, hot dishes, soups, Echpoczmaki, kebab lula, pancakes that will be cooked right in front of you. We have dinner and enjoy this warm and cozy evening!