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Day 1142 km

Day in Kamsko-Ustinsky district

The day begins with a visit to the Jurjevskaja cave, then you go to the gypsum tunnels, one of the largest deposits of gypsum. You'll visit a local cheese factory and take part in a tasting, you'll learn all about the area at the local history museum. Your evening will end with a wonderful walk in Victory Park!

Day Itinerary



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28.1 km40 min
Volga Highway
09:101 min

Volga Highway

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Probably every resident or guest of Kazan has driven along the Volga federal highway at least once in his or her life. Your route today will begin with stunning views of the magnificent, powerful Volga River - the largest river in Europe!
As you drive over this bridge, look around, feel the light breeze, and enjoy the scenic views.

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Picturesque Views and Active Adventures in Tatarstan
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