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Day 1339 km7 km

Rest by the water and walks in Tula

From the morning rush along M-4 at full speed to Konduki - to Romantsevsky mountains. Space views and rest by the water. In the afternoon - acquaintance with Tula without gingerbread and samovars.

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We have to leave early, before the traffic. And it's not a short drive. M-4 is a great route, and it's relatively soon after you leave Moscow that you start to get great views of the expanse around you.
Gas stations are very frequent, so you can always find a place to stop to stretch your legs and buy some goodies.
Speaking of goodies, buy some fruit and snacks in advance for the picnic today.
256.1 km3 h 45 min
Romantsevskiye Gory
11:302 h 30 min

Romantsevskiye Gory

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You can stay here at least for a day, at least for two days - with overnight stay in a tent. Of course, there are a lot of people who want to stay here. But if you take a detour to the right from the main parking lot, you can find other places to leave your car and walk down to the water. It is less crowded there than on the nearest beaches. If you look at the map, there is a small "peninsula" to the left of the road going to the right of the parking lot. We parked the car right next to it. From the parking lot (hard to miss), there's a path down to the water.

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