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Mountains, quarries, cool promenade, some culture and delicious food

Mountains, quarries, cool promenade, some culture and delicious food
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Going once again to go to the dacha, psych yourself out, and go to Tula. Like we did. The roads await you with excellent quality and scenic views all around. Get up early and take the M-4 motorway (there are paid sections), which will take you almost to the Konduki and the famous quarries.
After spending a few hours by the water, head to Tula to marvel at the steepest promenade in Russia (at least from the ones I've seen). We bypassed the museums except for one, but if you're a fan, there are plenty of them here. But an evening stroll around the centre was our choice.
On the way back stop by to visit V.D. Polenov. Again, you can stay here at least for the whole day, if you have free time. We went for lunch to one of the best fish restaurants near Moscow.
Kirill Khomko
Kirill Khomko
Travel Expert
  • Romantsev mountains and reservoirs in the shade of trees.
  • Kazanskaya embankment in Tula (Varlamov approves).
  • Fish restaurant on the way back.
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Rest by the water and walks in Tula
Day 1339 km7 km

Rest by the water and walks in Tula

From the morning rush along M-4 at full speed to Konduki - to Romantsevsky mountains. Space views and rest by the water. In the afternoon - acquaintance with Tula without gingerbread and samovars.
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Polenov Paintings and Polenovo Estate
Day 2234 km

Polenov Paintings and Polenovo Estate

After a wonderful breakfast in Tula, go to the Polenovo museum-reserve. For lunch, before returning to Moscow, the best (IMHO) restaurant near Moscow awaits you.
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