Moscow - Golden Ring of Russia: eight ancient cities as one ring road – Day 1: Transfer to the hotel complex "Foxy Nora" (Ignatovo)

A day of rest and preparation for the trip
Moscow - Golden Ring of Russia: eight ancient cities as one ring road
Travel distance by car: 70 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yermolino, Taganskiy

Trip duration: 5 days

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Dacia Logan

hotel complex FoxLodge

Country rest for the whole family in a vast, protected area. Breakfast by the lake, walks in the open air, clean water with a sandy beach. While adults are visiting SPA, restaurant, sports grounds or shooting exercises, children have fun in the Safari Center, play on the playground or work with an instructor. Exceptional place Unique architecture of Boomerang and FOX-INN hotel buildings, where each room has a separate entrance from the street and a terrace overlooking the lake and forest landscape. On the territory you can meet deer, relax on the sandy beach or take a boat ride. In one complex combines a variety of opportunities for sports, recreation and recovery. Variety of services Places for active rest, fishing, shooting, health-improving procedures. Accommodation in rooms of different categories, the ability to rent a cottage at weekends or all summer. Bar, restaurant with Russian and European cuisine, signature delicacies and a varied wine list. To the table - fresh farm products, which you can buy and for home. SPA with a unique set of services in eco-style, facial and body care based on natural components, from the world's leading brands. Bath with a font in the purest lake. **This evening you will have a welcome dinner in a cozy country restaurant **