Beautiful promenades and snow white beaches . Skyscrapers sparkling in the sun and charming nature . Miami's nightlife.

 Miami's Beaches and Nightclubs

Glamorous parties and relaxation under palm trees, this tour invites you to get acquainted with the best resort city in the USA, Miami! Here, giant skyscrapers and business centers are adjacent to small beach houses and celebrity villas. The city entertainments cater to all tastes: art galleries, parks, white sand beaches and of course, many nightclubs and bars. Of course, the trip would be complete without a pinch of extreme sports, you visit the nature park, where you could ride a boat next to alligators, and a visit to the original museums of modern art and art quarters would make this trip even more vivid and memorable. Indulge in sheer opulence at the most popular beaches and plunge into the nightlife of one of the most fashionable and fabulous resorts!

Miami's Beaches and Nightclubs

7 days itinerary by Alexander Popov - Beach and Relax, History and Culture - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Beach and Relax, History and Culture

Day 1: Welcome to Miami!

You've arrived in one of the most popular tourist cities in the USA! Enjoy beaches, noisy parties and magnificent sunsets, amazing Miami flavor, parks and skyscrapers!
Visiting: Miami

Day 2: Walk around the city

Today you go on a familiarization tour of the city to the most interesting places. A whole block painted by graffiti artists, little Cuba in Miami, magnificent installations by contemporary artists. In the evening, you will see the nightlife of the city and check out one of the local nightclubs.
Visiting: Miami

Day 3: Virginia Key Island

Continuing the exploration of the city, you go to the island of Virginia Key to see one of the first US aquariums, take a walk along deserted beaches and meet a stunning sunset overlooking the bay.
Visiting: Miami, Key Biscayne

Day 4: Florida's wildlife

Today has a lot of to interest you! Spend the first half of the day exploring alligators and the diverse fauna of the state. Then take a walk in one of the parks, and have dinner in a pleasant restaurant with excellent views of the ocean at the end of the day!
Visiting: Miami, Weston, Davie, Cooper City, Miami Beach

Day 5

Today, we slightly dilute the beach vacation, take a ride in the direction of Fort Lauderdale, visit the Museum of Modern Art and dine at the legendary Hard Rock Cafe.
Visiting: Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood

Day 6: Museums, parks and the legendary nightclub!

This night is going to be an unforgettable experience! The last night before departure. Spend the day in the museum and walk in the park, and enjoy an amazing show in the evening! One of the most prestigious and famous nightclubs in Miami!
Visiting: Miami, Miami Beach

Day 7: Time to go home

You've seen the most interesting places in Miami, visited important sights and explored the nightlife of the resort. It is time to go home. Bon Voyage!
Visiting: Miami, Miami Beach