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Legends of the Kaliningrad region

Road Trip Route. Learn how amber is mined and processed., Get acquainted with the history of Svetlogorsk, Meet the morning in Zelenogradsk., See the ruins of the medieval Kirch, Feel like a knight in Castle Schaaken., Explore forts.

The Kaliningrad region is a unique region from the historical and cultural point of view. Here the ancient European traditions are in contact with the modern Russian culture. The mild climate and lush nature prevail here. Here ancient towns with gingerbread half-timbered houses, paving stones and island tiled roofs are buried in greenery. The Baltic Sea adds to the attractiveness of this trip. Since ancient times, the coast has been attracting holidaymakers from different countries. You will have to get acquainted with the amber craft in the village of Yantarny, learn the history of Svetlogorsk and Zelenograd, explore destroyed churches, feel like a knight in castles. This journey is full of mysterious stories, you will definitely not want to finish it. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%.

History and Culture. From: Kaliningrad

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Travel Itinerary and Road Trip Route

Day 1: Amber Coast

The day will begin with acquaintance with a small but very famous village of Amber. It is here that the world center of amber mining and processing was formed and tourists are hunting for it. Amber attracts the widest beach in the Kaliningrad region, well-groomed park, amber castle-museum and an incredibly beautiful kirch. Then you will arrive in the city of Svetlogorsk, which is located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, among coniferous forests. Among the ancient architecture of the city stands out the building of the hydrotherapy clinic with a tower - the main symbol of the city, the Amber Park and the house-museum of Hermann Brecht.


Amber Chamber at the Amber Mill

The most interesting stones, which even have names, settle here. This is a whole showcase of huge beautiful nuggets - a kilo of two or three each. You will be told the whole history of the amber industry, where layers of history are kept. Excursions in the exhibition hall are held every hour from 10-00.

Янтарный замок

This castle will surely attract history lovers. Plunge into the past of the region, get acquainted with interior items and see amazing collections of amber, unique exhibits, interior items of different times, medieval casemates and much more. The fireplace hall of "Amber Castle" often hosts creative evenings, author's exhibitions of famous artists, concerts of bard and chamber music and even amber auctions. The calendar of events can be found at [official website](http://amber-castle-amber.ru).

Парк им. Беккера

After the excursions it is time to take a walk in the famous park, which is a historical monument, a pearl and one of the most visited places in the village.

Dom Rybaka

Before we continue our acquaintance with Svetlogorsk, we should stop for lunch. And what could be better than to enjoy the views of the coast and seafood dishes while sitting in a cozy restaurant?

Парк Янтарного Периода

The park is located in a wooded area. It is a large entertainment complex for family holidays with many themed areas. There are many interesting exhibits that reflect the history of the Baltic coast landscape formation. And if you're traveling with children, they're likely to be attracted to dinosaurs lurking among tall trees.

Дом-музей Германа Брахерта

The museum house is dedicated to the life and work of Hermann Brahert, one of the most prominent German sculptors of the first half of the XX century. The museum is located in a picturesque place on the Baltic Sea coast. There are many personal belongings and exhibits related to the development of the sculptor's creative path.

Водонапорная башня

The historic building, decorated with a fantastic sun clock, twined vine and more like a fairytale castle, was and still is in fact a city hydropathic hospital. The tower, built in 1908 to a design by Otto Walter Kukkuk, used to supply water to the entire city! Today, the bizarre tower is not used for its intended purpose, but it does not cease to attract travelers and remains a visiting card of the city.

Church of St. Seraphim of Sarov

A truly amazing temple that combines the exterior of a Lutheran church with traditional Orthodox interior decoration. Do the silhouettes of the building seem vaguely familiar? It's not surprising, because Kukkuk, the author of the city water tower, put his hand to the construction. The Kirch was built in the early XX century with donations from local residents, in Soviet times was given to the gym, and in 1992, already by the forces of Orthodox believers was restored and consecrated as a church in honor of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

Папаша Беппе

Large portions of traditional Italian dishes, a cozy room, pleasant service, children's playrooms and even sports broadcasts - all this you will find in this cozy pizzeria.

Day 2: History of the Baltics

This day will begin with the Baltic city of Zelenogradsk. It is a former royal resort, built up with numerous preserved pensions and sanatoriums, hotels and fashionable private houses. It is an ideal place for family holidays. In the afternoon you will visit the ruins of the Povunden Kirch and the medieval castle of Schaaken, where you will get to know the life and spirit of the Knights.

Городская Площадь

Start your acquaintance with Zelenogradsky with his business card - the city square. Explore ancient buildings and pamper yourself with a cup of coffee in one of the small local coffee shops.

Парк Королевы Луизы

It is believed that the first tree in the park was planted by King Frederick Wilhelm IV of Prussia during a visit to the city in 1843 as a tribute to his mother, Queen Louise. The tree grows in the park to this day and to make it easier for tourists to find it, a memorial sign is placed next to it.

Водонапорная Башня

Another water tower that has become a symbol of the city. Also known as the Krantz Tower - this is how Zelenogradsk was called until 1946. At eleven o'clock in the morning, an observation deck opens at the top level of the tower to reach it, no need to walk up the ornate stairs - inside there is an elevator.

Домик ангелов

The House of Angels is a private art collection that includes more than 1500 exhibits, among which you will see futuristic installations, street sculptures, made in a single copy of a statuette and soft handmade toys.

Домик в деревне

For lunch we recommend visiting the restaurant complex "Village House". In fact, it is a whole yard with fabulous houses, fountains and a mill - a great location for a small photo shoot.

Повунденская кирха / Kirche Powunden

The Church of St. Barbara was built in Povunden in 1324. In 1862 the building was significantly expanded, a tower with a spire was added, and in 1882-1883 an organ was installed. Today only a small part of the former splendor is preserved, but even walking through the ruins one can feel the energy of this place.

Schaaken (Замок Шаакен)

The atmosphere of the castle disposes to knightly activities: walking around the historical part, fitting up various medieval costumes, contemplation of the real tournament, overcoming the rope stairs, archery, throwing spears. Nearby is the cheese factory, where you can see the equipment in operation and the stored cheese maturation heads. You can buy various types of cheese in the shop. There is also a large selection of locally made chocolate, marzipan, sweets for every taste and color. Monday's a day off.

Guest House Restaurant Zelinburg

The restaurant offers homemade dishes with elements of Bavarian, Italian and oriental cuisine. All dishes are made on site according to original recipes. Selection of meat delicacies and Bavarian beer will please gourmets.

Day 3: Medieval ruins

Be sure to wear sportswear and shoes, as today you will be a researcher of dilapidated Forts, which are on guard and literally surround Kaliningrad. In addition, you will see Prussian monuments of architecture - Kirch and medieval castles.

Kirche Rudau (кирха Рудау)

The Kirch was built from the remains of a castle that stood there. The building rises above the adjacent playground and a mud pond covered with mud, which used to be a castle pond. Bypassing the building, you will find ancient mossy tombstones with inscriptions in German.


Nesselbek is an entertainment complex, located in the village of Orlovka. It is built of red bricks, stylized as medieval castles. The interesting begins near the castle - funny statues of two skeletons in love, a moat with large fish and much more. Beer lovers can delight themselves with a Kraft foam drink at the local brewery, and if this seems to be insufficient, visit a real beer [spa](http://nesselbeck.ru/spa_v_kaliningrade/)! If you dreamed of owning a knight's sword, at least in miniature, be sure to visit the souvenir shop located in the same building as the restaurant.

Музей пыток

This museum has created a terrifying, yet appealing atmosphere. You'll discover how subtle and painful medieval punishments were, and see the inventions that make hair stand up.

Ресторан «Усадьба»

Dine at a pleasant restaurant located in a picturesque forest land. Decent dishes and beautiful service. Pay attention to the desserts, visitors recommend tasting poppy cake and strudel.

Форт № 3 «Король Фридрих Вильгельм I»

The fort is the largest defensive structure, has the shape of an elongated hexagon measuring 360 by 180 meters and is surrounded by a dry moat. The two-storey central building once housed barracks, infirmary, kitchen, canteen, ammunition, food, equipment and fuel depots, guardhouse, boiler room, workshops and auxiliary facilities. The fort is beautifully preserved and open to the public.

Форт №5 — Король Фридрих-Вильгельм III

Fort No. 5 is "hidden" in a small forest, a few steps from the old highway to Svetlogorsk. The time of building the fort is the end of XIX century. It is a hexagonal structure made of concrete and bricks. It is surrounded by a moat with water. There were trenches for artillery guns in the earthen shaft. Back in the Soviet years, a memorial complex was built here, and a museum was opened in the casemates of the fortress.

Radisson Blu

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