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Historical sights south of St. Petersburg

Historical sights south of St. Petersburg
Starts from

Saint Petersburg


3 Days


By Car


637 km






History and Culture🎅 Winter Trips
To the south of St. Petersburg there are many cultural and historical sites. Here, manors and palaces, defensive and church buildings were built during the time of the Russian Empire. Take an informative three-day trip to see the most interesting of them. Start with Gatchina, then appreciate the aesthetics of famous artists' and writers' estates, and the modesty of peasant life. Touch antiquities at Ivangorod and Koporsk fortresses and return to the city along the picturesque coastline of the Gulf of Finland.
  • Note that in order to enter Ivangorod Fortress you should make a request for a visit at least four days in advance. How to do this, you can learn in official Vkontakte group. Ivangorod is part of the border zone, so you must have a passport and a pass issued in advance!
Alexandr Kosar
Alexandr Kosar
  • See ancient castles and defensive structures.
  • Visit museums that tell the story of famous people of the past.
  • Drive along the coast of the Gulf of Finland.
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Southern exposure: monuments and museums
Day 1177 km1 km

Southern exposure: monuments and museums

The journey across the Leningrad region begins! You will walk through the Palace Park in Gatchina, visit the house of Pushkin's nanny and the Rozhdestvenno estate, where the classic of Russian literature Vladimir Nabokov often stayed with his relatives.
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On the road to Kingisepp
Day 2233 km668 m

On the road to Kingisepp

Today you will visit the territory of the two estates: abandoned and active, and in the evening you will find yourself in Kingisepp, believe me, this town has something to surprise.
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Defensive structures of the Leningrad region
Day 3227 km

Defensive structures of the Leningrad region

The final day of the trip begins, you will visit Ivangorod and Kopor fortresses, defensive fort and historical memorials.
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