See ancient castles and defensive structures. Visit museums that tell the story of famous people of the past.. Drive along the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Historical sights south of St. Petersburg

To the south of St. Petersburg there is a great variety of cultural and historical sites. Many manors and palaces, defensive and church buildings were built here during the Russian Empire. In our trip we will try to see the most interesting of them. It was decided to start our journey with a visit to Gatchina, after which we plan to move further south. On the way we will visit some of the most interesting museums, as well as visit famous monuments and ancient castles. We plan to return to St. Petersburg via Kingisepp along the coast of the Gulf of Finland.

Historical sights south of St. Petersburg

3 days itinerary by Alexandr Kosar - History and Culture - Car, 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Monuments and Museums to the South

We are going on a journey through the Leningrad region, first we will go south to the city of Luga. On the way we will visit several monuments and also go on a couple of excursions to local museums.
Visiting: Betkovo, Luga, Kobrino, Mezhno, Centralniy, Gatchina

Day 2: On the way to Kingisepp.

Today we leave the town of Luga and go to Kingisepp. The path will not be close, but we plan to dilute our trip with walks through historical places of this region. In the evening after our arrival in the city there will be a walk through the parks of the city.
Visiting: Kingisepp, Betkovo, Tolmachevo, Redkino

Day 3: Defensive installations of the Leningrad region

Today ends our trip to the Leningrad region. We leave Kingisepp and go to St. Petersburg. On the way we plan to visit ancient fortresses and military fortifications that once guarded these lands.
Visiting: Kingisepp, Centralniy, Narva, Kronshtadt, Sosnovyy Bor, Lebyazh'ye, Kopor'ye, Krasnaya Gorka