Visit medieval castles and ancient acropolis. Enjoy a beach rest. Follow the walking route through the Butterfly Valley. Taste the best seafood.

Historical Heritage of Rhodes

The island has a rich history and is full of legends and myths, a place where the sun shines for more than three hundred days a year, and the locals are always kind and welcoming - all this can be said of Rhodes, the largest island of the Dodecanese Archipelago. In antiquity, one of the seven wonders of the world - a giant statue of the Sun God Helios, adorned the port of Rhodes. In different historical periods, the island was influenced by the Roman Empire, Byzantium, the Knights Hospitallers and the Ottoman Empire. The current historical heritage of Rhodes is a mosaic of contributions of different cultures. The climate of Rhodes is very mild and warm, the beach season lasts from May to October, and you can visit the island to experience its history at any time of the year.

Historical Heritage of Rhodes

9 days itinerary by Juan Coustillas - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - Car, 5 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Mandraki Port

Your acquaintance with Rhodes will start with the Mandraki Port. The medieval fort of Saint Nicholas was perfectly kept up to now. The fort viewpoint offers a magnificent view of the sea and the city. You will see three windmills on the way to the fort. There used to be thirteen and they were utilized for the purposes intended. Now, they are a historical and architectural monument.
Visiting: Rodos

Day 2: The Old Town

Explore the history and cultural heritage of the island, visit the museum and Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes today. Go to the aquarium and see the inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea in all its glory at the end of the day.
Visiting: Rodos

Day 3: The urban landscape

Now our destination is the Acropolis, one of the main attractions of Rhodes. You will further have the opportunity to take a break from the old town, relax on the beach and enjoy the nature of the island. Go to the Rodini Park and to the pier in the evening, it offers an amazing view of the city.
Visiting: Rodos

Day 4: Beaches and springs

It is time to walk the island, but first you should take a quick look at the museum of modern art in Greece. After visiting the museum, you will go to the seven springs, which are the means of purging sin according to legends, look at the ruins of the castle of the Knights of St. John, and also visit one of the old factories producing natural olive oil available for purchase.
Visiting: Archangelos, Rodos, Faliraki

Day 5: Back to the Middle Ages

Enjoy the historical part of Lindos, the Acropolis, in a visit of several castles scheduled for today. By the way, it is the second largest and most significant one in Greece.
Visiting: Archangelos, Kamiros, Lindos, Kameiros Skala, Monolithos

Day 6: Ancient Greece

Today you are going to explore the acropolis of the ancient city of Kameiros and walk around the ruins of the Temple of Apollo, which is the Side city's most recognisable feature. If you have some extra time, stroll through the city or walk to the Temple of Artemis.
Visiting: Kamiros, Soroni, Kalavarda, Theologos

Day 7: Flora and fauna

It's not with coffee that a day starts. Your morning will start with a visit to the museum of wine-making and tasting. To get some rest from ancient Rhodes, go to the Butterfly Valley and make contact with these wonderful creatures. Next, you will learn about the life of bees, see a few beehives and explore the history of beekeeping from ancient times.
Visiting: Rodos, Soroni, Epano Kalamonas, Kremasti, Kalithea, Fanes

Day 8: Farewell to the island

Last day in Rhodes. There are not many attractions to visit. A chapel and a private museum are planned for today. Do not forget about shopping, visit the local shopping center on your way.
Visiting: Rodos, Ialysos, Ialyssos Rhodes

Day 9: Way back home

You've got hours left for the flight, do not forget to buy souvenirs for friends and relatives, and if you have some extra time, take a walk near the hotel.
Visiting: Rodos, Paradeisi, Theologos